Sunset Tour.

At the age of three they first met. He pulled her hair she stole his cookie and became the best of friends. At the age of seven they shared their first kiss. At the age of ten they became in-separable, but got told they cant be friends. At the age of fifteen they moved in together, so he could follow his dreams. Now at the age of 18 hes ready to take the next step. Follow the journey that Jace and Alison.


3. Sunset Tour 3

Alison’s POV:


“Dude why is there a crazy girl knocking on the door?” Jace asked as he walked back into the bathroom followed by Chloe. Oh right I was meant to help her choose something for her date with Duke? Jake? no i’m pretty sure it started with a D... “Woman get out of the bath your meant to help me out with my date with Drake!” Ahh it was Drake, my bad. 


“Wait, hold up why are you in here? She’s in the bath!” Chloe yelled pushing Jace out the door. “I know when i’m not loved thats fine!” Jace yelled faking hurt as he got pushed out the door. “Chill Chlo I need an ice-bath because i worked to hard at dance practice, and me and Jace have seen each other naked for like years now its no big deal.” I said as I got out of the bath and grabbing a towel. Its bloody freezing! 


Leaving Chloe in the bathroom i make a run for it to Jace’s room to get a pair of his sweat pants and his jumpers. Once i had them on i walked out into the lounge room to see Chloe and Jace arguing over something, like always. “No banana’s are the bomb! Why in the world would you eat apples?!” Chloe screamed jumping off the couch to get in Jace’s face. 

“Down Chloe, Down!” I laughed as i walking to the room so they could see me. Bad idea as soon as Chloe saw me she had my dragging along the floor until we were in my room. 


“I DONT KNOW WHAT TO WEAR!” She screamed running around my room like a chicken who just got there head cut off. “Blue dress with the white belt and white heels, curled hair and little make-up” I said as i started to throw everything at her. Once I was done I left so she could do what ever it is she needs and joined Jace on the couch. I rested my head in his lap and turned to watch Two and A Half Men just starting. “What do you want for dinner baby girl?” Jace asked as he started playing with my hair. 

“Do you feel like cooking?” 


“Nope” Jace is kind of the cook because last time I tired lets just say that the apartment smelt of burnt curtains for a while. Don’t ask how they just set up in flames. Ever since its a no-no for me to go into the there. “How about we go out for dinner?” Jace asked after a little while, on the TV Allen and Charlie were at some fancy place eating dinner. “Sure ill go get ready” I smile and kiss his cheek before going back to my room to see Chloe curling the last piece of her hair. “Wow you work fast, you look like one hot mama” I wink and smack her butt as I walk past to get to my closet. “Why thank you, I try my best” She winked back and turned off the curling iron. I pulled out black skinny jeans, and two tops. One was an purple off the shoulder with gold studs on the shoulder and the other was a top that clung to you and went from white to dark blue. “What one?” I asked holding both of them out. “The blue one” Chloe said with a smile. So I put the blue one away and slipped on the purple one and looked for my black military boots. “Jeez ask for my opinion and choose the other yeah what ever” Chloe said standing up once she had finished her hair and make-up. 


“Thats just how I roll, now get out of here before you late for you date” Walking out the door with me following behind I find that Jace is talking to Drake who was sitting on my couch. I turn to see Chloe looking innocent. “Well look at that, I guess i’m right on time” 


“Hey babe you ready” Drake asked standing up, with a quick nod they both left. “Well don’t you look beautiful” Jace said standing up grabbing my hand spinning me around. Jace was in black jeans, I white top with a black button up on, with the sleeves rolled to his elbows. “Well you don’t look so bad yourself” 

“You ready?”  “Yeah let me get the keys” I smile and jog back to my room to get the keys to lock the apartment. 




“Name?” The waitress asked not looking up from her little book thing. “Table for two under Taylors” Jace replied flashing me a smile. “Of corse right this way” She said sending Jace a flirty smile. Its the same everywhere but I cant complain he was a beautiful boy. Jace rolled his eyes and slung his arm over my shoulder guiding me towards the table. I noticed a stage near the front and got a little exited, iv never seen anyone perform live apart from Jace but thats just him singing. “Cathy where is my band?!” A man that i’m guessing is the manger asked as he ran towards the blonde waitress. “Im sorry sir they cancelled and no one else will be able to do anything until tomorrow” She said looking un easy. And thats when I had a bright idea. “We can perform!” I chirped and all heads snapped to look at me.  Jace sent me a ‘what the hell look’ and I returned it which a bright smile. “Can you even sing?” The manger asked raising an eyebrow at me. “Give me a plastic cup and ill let you decide” I explained and the Manger nodded his head telling the blondie to get me a cup and push both me and Jace towards the stage. 


“What the hell Alison!” Oh no he called me by my full name. “You remember when I was learning how to play that cup song? Well I mastered it and I know you know all the words!” I said jumping up and down, making Jace put his hands on my shoulder holding me down. “Pleaseeeee, please please, please, please, plea-” “OK OK OK SHUT UP ILL DO IT” Jace said stopping me. 


“Heres your cup...?” The manger trailed off unsure of what I was going to do. I took it and grabbed a mic off from the drum-kit and sat criss-cross on the floor with the cup in front. “Ok im ready, what about you Jace-y” I gave the manger a sweet smile and Jace nodded so i took that as my chance to start playing the cup. 


clap, clap, bang bang bang... 


“I’ve got my ticket for the long way ‘round, Two bottle whiskey for the way. 

And i sure would like some sweet company, And I’m leaving tomorrow. What d’you say?”


“When I'm gone, when I'm gone

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone

You're gonna miss me by my hair

You're gonna miss me everywhere, oh

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone


I've got my ticket for the long way 'round

The one with the prettiest of views

It's got mountains, it's got rivers

It's got sights to give you shivers

But it sure would be prettier with you” 


After we finished the song, and not once me stuffing up everyone cheered. And Jace gave me a huge hug and lifted me spinning me around while I giggled. “Thanks for making me do this Ali, it felt good” He said once he put me down on the floor. “Oh and good job not stuffing up and throwing the cup across the room like all them other times” Jace winked at me and we walked off stage. “Nice kid, you sure have a voice! i see big things for you, and as for your girl-friend nice choice of instrument” the manager said once we made it back down to out table. “Thank you sir, you should have seen when she was first learning, nearly got hit in the head with the damn cup” Jace winked and rested his arm on my shoulder. We don’t bother to correct people anymore, they never believe us for some reason. I guess thats what we get for growing up together. “I feel you man, now would you like something to eat? On the house” The manger said and walked us towards our table.
Jace pulled my chair out for me and a sent him a playful wink as he pushed it in. 

“So.. you liked performing huh?” I asked Jace after we had finished our food. “Yeah I loved it, it gave me such a rush, I never thought id be into something like that, I mean I like singing for you but in front of all them people and seeing that reaction I don’t know it felt good” He shrugged and took a sip of water. “So if I told you that tomorrow they are holding auditions for the x-factor, and i’v already sent in applications so we get in quicker you wouldn’t be mad? and I already told your boss you won’t be coming in, he loves me so he said yes, same as Sue” I said hoping that he wont be mad at me. 


“You WHAT?!” He pretty much yelled. “Jace i’m sorry! we just won go, I should have asked you first, i’m sorry I wasn’t thinking” I said tears threading to spill out of my eyes. In a flash Jace was next to me kneeling. “Baby girl i’m not mad! i’m surprised is all and rally happy you did this for me!” He said cupping my face with his hands. “Now don’t cry and tell me when you thought of this” He said wiping my tears away with his thumbs. I smiled and explained to him that ever since he was fifteen I knew that he wanted to be a singer so as soon as i found out when auditions were and he was old enough i went straight ahed and made sure he could go. 


“SAY YES!”  huh? I looked around to see all eyes on us. Then I looked at the way Jace was on one knee in front of my on the ground holding my hands. I turned red. They thought Jace was asking me to marry him! “Jace, stand up” I hissed. He looked confused until he looked at everyone. “Well shit. If i stand up now they are going to think you said no, then im going to look like an idiot” Jace looked into my eyes “So baby girl will you marry me?” Then he added so only i could hear. “So these people will leave us alone and we can go back home?” I giggled and nodded my head. “Yes of corse YES” I yelled and jumped up to hug Jace laughing. 


The hole place cheered as me and Jace walked outside still laughing. “So when will the wedding be?” I asked as Jace pushed my shoulder. “No time soon I hope, i cant imagine you as a bridezilla” Jace winked as we walked back to the apartments. 


SOS - Chloe 


I guess her date isn’t going well. “Chloe?” Jace asked looking over my shoulder. I nodded and pressed call. “Hey Alison whats wrong?” She sounded thankful. I knew how this worked i just keep quiet and she has a silent conversation. “Oh hun you sound terrible! Are you ok?... yeah of corse ill be right over! Hang in there ill be right there” And with that she hung up. “Chloe should be at our place in like 10 minutes apparently i sound terrible and i need her right away” I roll my eyes as we near our apartment just as the first thunder comes and i scream clinging to Jace’s arm. 




Hey Guys :) Please let me know what you think about the story so far and if i should change up the POV's of just keep it on Alison's, id love to hear what you guys are thinking. May it be good or bad id love to hear because it makes me a better writer :) 

And also let me know who you think should be Jace and Alison i need ideas :) 

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