Sunset Tour.

At the age of three they first met. He pulled her hair she stole his cookie and became the best of friends. At the age of seven they shared their first kiss. At the age of ten they became in-separable, but got told they cant be friends. At the age of fifteen they moved in together, so he could follow his dreams. Now at the age of 18 hes ready to take the next step. Follow the journey that Jace and Alison.


2. Sunset Tour 2

Alison’s POV


“Wake up baby girl” I ignored as Jace to try and wake me up. This has been going on for at least and hour and i’m still not close to giving in. I rolled over and snuggled into my pillow and already felt myself falling back to sleep when I felt a big wet kiss on my cheek. That only means one thing. 

Before I could even start to think of what was happening Jace had me over his shoulder and walking out of my room. “Good morning, you have 10 minuted before we leave, now chop chop I even made you food” Jace said once he plopped me down on the couch. My ears pricked up and the word food and I suddenly wasn’t tired anymore. I jumped up and ran to my room the get ready. “Yeah i knew that you get you lazy ass up, ya fatty!” Jace called back playfully while I rolled my eyes and looked for an outfit for the day. 


I walked out of my room three minutes later dressed in a pair of white jeans, a tank black tank top and on of Jace’s jumpers on. I walked into the kitchen and saw a place full of pancakes that had my name written all over it. But as a reach for one my hand was slapped away. Still looking at the food I made a pouty face and tried to reach for it again only to have the same thing happen. So i just stood there looking at the food longingly. 

“Al, is that my jumper? the one that I have been looking for, for a week now?” Jace asked as i slowly raised my head to look at him.  Avoiding eye contact a slowly shook my head with a innocent look on my face. “Nope” I said popping the ‘p’. “Now if you don’t mind me..” I trailed off and once again tried to reach for a pancake only to have my hand slapped away. “Whats the deal dude i need food i’m going to die!” I yelled trowing my hands in the air dramatically. All Jace did was shake his head. Gosh I know his is his favorite jumper but that is no reason to keep food from me.  “ill give it back if you give me food.” I said with my arms crossed over my chest, we both knew that he wasn’t going to get this jumper back anytime soon. 


“And i wonder how your so skinny” Jace shook his head and handing me the place. After i managed to eat every single one I ran back to my room got my bag and waited at the door for Jace. “Im not getting my jumper back anytime soon am I?” He asked as he walked though the front door. “Nope its to comfy!” He just sighed and kept walking until we were out of the apartment and waiting for out carpool. 


Neither of us owned a car since we moved out at the age of fifteen we had rent and bills to worry about not car payments, even now with enough saved up we live in walking distance to most places apart from the school. Let me tell you that was the longest walk ever, and Jace didn’t exactly like walking with me far distances because apparently all i do is complain. yeah right.   Soon enough Matts car came into view and I jumped into the back seat with Jace next to me. “Hey Chels” I said to Matts girl friend. All I got back in return was a nod. Yeah, its safe to say that she hated me but what can you do. “Hey guys” Matt called from the front seat as he took off towards hell. Opps I mean school. 


Once we pulled up to school I jumped out of the car, Jace hot on my trail. There is only so much “No I love you more” I can take! “Thank God” Jace and I said at the same time causing us to laugh, it always creeps me out that we say things at the same time. I guess thats what you get when you grow up with someone. 

“I have dance football training after school you cool to hang around?” Jace asked as we walked the hall ways. “Yeah its cool I my dance practice finished at 5 today anyways” I smiled up at him. “That mean I get to see you dance!” He said exited i just rolled me eyes as we made it to our locker. Yes our locker. Me and Jace have all the same classes together and our lockers were originally at different ends of the school so, after the first 2 days he ended up moving into mind with me. Just another thing to add onto the list of things we do together. “Well if it isn’t my two favorite people in the world!” I heard none other then James say from behind us. I was so not in the mood to deal with James. We met when we were sixteen and both me and Jace clicked with him but he is the biggest jerk i have ever met, and will hit on anything to boobs. 

I let him and Jace talk while I got all my books together and shoved my bag into the locker talking out my phone to shove into my jumper in case class is boring today. 


Meet me before class its important? xx Chloe.


“Hey Jace Chloe needs me, meet you in class kay?” I said shutting the locker he just nodded and kissed my forehead still talking with James.  Before I even made it two steps away Chloe has my arm and is dragging me off to somewhere, i just sigh and go along with it, shooting apologetic smiles to the people that she is pushing in to. Once we finally stopped I yanked my arm out of her grip. “Jeez woman whats your problem?!” 

“Sorry I just need to talk to you its important!” She looked like she was worried about something so this must be big. I nodded signaling her to go on. “Before I start I need to ask you something and tell me the honest truth ok?” once again I just nodded. “Is there anything going on between you and Jace?” I went to say something but she held her hand up cutting me off. “You guys live together, share a locker, your wearing his jumper, you guys have them creepy silent conversation , you finish each others sentences or say things at the same time and i saw that kiss he gave you! Iv tried to wait and i thought you would tell me but its gone on for years now! i thought being your best friend you would have told me by now, and it just makes m-” I cut her off. “No Chloe we aren't together he is just my best friend, your stupid of corse i would tell you if i ad a boyfriend, now what was so important that you ripped my arm out of my socket to get me here?” I asked rolling my shoulder, it hurt a bit but thats Chloe for you. “Oh that.. OK are you ready for this? Drake asked me out!” She yelled doing a little happy dance. Oh my god thats what this was about, jeez she needs help! “Chloe” still doing happy dance. “Chloe!” Still doing happy dance. “Oh my god is that Drake?!” Instantly stops. Already whipped thats a good start. I watch as Chloe fixes her hair and looks around to find Drake. “Oh my bad I guess it wasn’t him” I mutter as i start to walk off only to have her yank me back. She should know by now that I don’t do boy talk. “Help me choose an outfit thats all im asking!” She cried out pulling my arm causing people to stare. Damn her. “Fine now let go you loon, meet me at mine at 8?” I told her pulling my arm away from her. “Yup date start at 10” She happily skipped away hey long blond hair hitting people in the face. 




“Jace-y can you get me food please?” I batted my eyelashes as I sat down at our table. He just sighed and walked over to to lunch ladies. “Lover you !” I called after him only for him to flip me off, i just laughed as out table started to fill up. 

By the time Jace had come back with a try full of food to share there was no room left dew to some new kid Jake brought along. “Looks like your going to have to sit on the floor” I said wiggling my eyebrows at Jace. “I guess ill just have to eat all this food all on my own then...” Jace said starting to walk away. Oh hell no I need my food! “Oh look at that i seat is empty!” I yelled jumping off of my chair. Jace just chuckled and sat down pulling me onto his lap. I smiled happily and popped a chip into my mouth. “The things you do for food” Jake chucked. “Food is life.” I said popping another chip into my mouth. “And your skinny how?” Jack, Jakes twin asked. Everyone else agreed as I kept to eat my food in silence occasionally putting chips into Jace’s mouth. “Who is pumped for gym next?” Abby said from across the table, she was the fitness freak of the group, even though have here dancers, footballers or cheerleaders no one was into it as much as she is. “A Friday, Gym last and then dance practice cant wait” I mutters and took a sip of my apple juice. Ok when i said i don’t complain I may have lied a little. 


I stepped out of the change rooms dressed in my dance shorts and a black singlet, might as well wear my dance practice uniform since i have that right after. I made my way to the gym throwing my dark brown hair into a messy pony tail.  “Alright gather around chumps!” Coach Mills yelled. Oh god he sounds pissed. “You have been slacking off during my classes so I want five laps around all four courts and then we will be doing a boxing session” He barked out with a smug smile on his face. “Chop chop complain thats another lap added understood?” He blew the whistle and everyone was off apart from me. “Coach would you like me to help you get the mitts and pads out?” I asked with a sweet smile on my face. “Why thank you Alison, they are in the store room can you get box the bags?” He asked with a smile. “Of corse” I replied happily, once i turned around I stuck my tongue out at Jace while he ran by. And he told me I was being a suck up, look at me now not having to run laps. Now that I think about it i’m really lazy for a dancer. 

Once I pulled both the bags full of boxing stuff from the store room out to the couch people were just finishing up. “You are something else baby girl, how did you manage to get out of running laps?” Jace asked picking up the other bag with ease. “Coach loves me” I smiled and winked as we kept waling tot he other end of the gym. “Or it could have something to do with him being a pedo bear and you happen to have a cute little dancers ass” He suggests giving my butt a playful smack. “Jace Taylors you did not just hit my butt did you?” I said wiggling up butt as we dropped the mitts and pads. “Yup” He said winking and popping the ‘p’. “Are you two done flirting?” Chloe yelled rolling her eyes as she walked towards us.  “Nah not yet so you if don’t mind” Jace said wiggling his eyebrows at me. I just laughed and pushed his shoulder. “Ok chumps drop and give me 20!” Coach yelled as the last person finished running laps. Now push ups I can do, don’t ask why but i’m not a runner. I did the 20 push ups quick and sat up just as Jace did. We glared at each other we always and I mean always finish at the same time, even when i do run we will finish the laps at the same time. Not once have we beat each other and it kills me because I always win! “Now give me 20 sit-ups !” Coach barked as Lindsey finished her push ups sweat dripping down her face. Poor girl. “Your on” I said as Jace got into position. Once again it was a draw. “Do you guys ever not do anything the same?” James asked rolling his eyes.  


“Partner up! we are going to have 30 second hard boxing, 10 second rest for 20 minutes straight. if you stop you drop and give me 50 understood?” Before anyone could say anything coach blew his damn whistle and I started to pelt that pad in front of me with Jace right next to me. “Rest!” I stopped and looked at Jace. “Your on i bet you will give before me” i nodded as Coach blew his whistle.  

15 minutes later Jace and me were still going hard while everyone else just sat on the floor, not doing sit ups since coach was watching us to see who would crack first. This was normal for us, when we got this competitive everyone would see who would crack first only to find out that we always no matte what drop at the same time but I was determined for that to change. 30 minutes have passed and I was starting to get sore arms. I snuck a look at Jace and was that he was feeling that same. When he looked back at me we both nodded at the same time and dropped out hands. “Well you guys went longer then I thought, your getting better” Coach said before shouting at everyone to get a quick drink. 

“I want  sit-ups and then criss cross punching. go!” Coach yelled out. I stood over Jace while he did the sit-ups. “Come on Jace is that all you got? Hit like a man! Put some effort into it gosh you hit like a gir-Ow” He punched really hard on the last one. With a smirk he when back down to do a sit up.  “Switch” Coach yelled out blowing his whistle that I want to shove where the sun don’t shine.  “Come on you punch like a princess, if that all you have baby girl? My grandma can hit har- OW” I smirked at I went back down for my push up. 

“Ok class dismissed!” Coach yelled blowing his whistle yet again. “I swear he blows that one more time i’m shoving it down his throat” I muttered under my breath but Jace still heard me and nudged me shoulder telling me to be nice. “Ill see you after practice, meet here?” I asked as we walked to the doors to get outside onto the fields. “Sure baby girl have fun, you practicing outside today?” Jace asked as he headed for his football team. I looked over at Ashley my dance captain and nodded. We only practiced outside when she ran as hard because the dirt softened falls. 


“I was 20 sit-ups, 20 push-ups, 30 squats, 2 laps of the oval and then you can finish with 100 jumping jacks. Go!” She screamed. I groaned and did as told finishing first. I stretched as i waited for everyone to finish and watched as Ashley went on and on about needed to get the team fit. I rolled my eyes at that, everyone on the team was skinny as can be. 

“In positions we are doing the routine from honey!”  The routine from the movie Honey is hard, because Ashley made us pick up the pace more then it already is. At normal pace it kills bodies but Ashley’s pace is death.

 “AGAIN!” Ash screamed for the fifth time. I did as told while other girls started to fall and walk off to get water, I knew she was waiting for me to crack but it don’t give in that easy. “FASTER!” She screamed now getting frustrated at me. I did and told counting the beats faster and matching my moves with it. 


After an hour with doing the same thing over, only stopping when Ash told us to run laps or do sit ups she finally let us go. I left my body drop the the ground. My body crying out with pain because I lasted longer then i should have, i should have given in earlier. I looked up to find Jace chucking handing my my water bottle. He knew how I got when it came to dancing I don’t stop until i’m dying. I happily drunk all my water still lying down unable to move. “Come on baby girl Matts getting the car” Jace said scooping me up in his arms so he was carrying me bridal style. I snuggled my head into his chest and let out a sigh. He walked back into the gym and picked up the bags putting them on my tummy to hold. 


Once outside I spotted Matts car but not before he honked the horn scaring the shit out of me. Jace carefully put me in the back and then got in next to me. “Sorry Allie did i scare you?” Matt chuckled and took of towards our house. “Have a good weekend” I called as Jace lifted me out of the car. He walked me all the way to out apartment, managed to unlock the door with one had and then gently placed me on the couch. “Ill go get an ice bath ready shall I?” 


“please and remember hot chocolate!” 


“Sure baby girl anything else?” He asked coming back in to get me. He carried me into the bath room and helped me out of my cloths. Iv known Jace my hole life so I don’t care if he sees me naked anymore, I always get changed in front of him any way. He lifted me up and into the tub and I bit my lip stopping me form screaming. I hated ice baths but it was worth it when you get out. “Sing for me?” I asked as he handed me my hot chocolate and kissed me forehead. 


“Beauty queen of only 18 she had some troubles with her self, I was always there to help her I always belonged to someone else. I drove for miles and miles and wound up at your door...” Jace started singing as I got use to the ice bath. Jace had the most amazing voice ever. And thats why i’m going to make sure he fulfills his dream even if he doesn’t know its his dream yet. 



Authors Note :) 

Hey guys im trying out a new type of store i little different to The Secret. Let me know what you think please, mean or nice I dont mind anything that will help me improve. 

Comment who you think should play Jace i have no ideas, and the same for Alison :) 

I hope you enjoy and ill try and update as soon as possible. Please comment ! :) 

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