One thing

Hi my name is Kylie this my first movellas.I just moved here(London)from Britan.i always had a crush on a special guy.i have plenty of friends now in London u will get to meet them soon.


1. Moving time

Me and my mom we just moved to London  (my dad passed away) from Australia.I think I should introduce myself my name is Kylie,I'm about 5'5,i got brown hair and 17 years old .I'm gonna start school tomorrow ,i feel a little nervous bacause i'm kinda shy and i'm not sure if people at school gonna like me .


I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock.Crap. i'm late ,i ran to the bathroom brush my teeth and change to a pair of skinny jeans and an oversized sweater .I obviously don't have time for breakfast so i just grabbed an apple and ran to my bus stop.


I sat on the last seat on the bus there's a girl who sit next to me her name is Jackie .Me and Jackie was talking  the whole car ride.I guess is not that hard to make new friend here.


when me and jackie got of the bus we walked inside school and people just keep staring at me ."why is everyone keep staring me "i asked jackie with a confuse look.'well because you're new here "she said "oh " i replied .' let go get your schedule "jackie said exitedly."ok' i said .after i got my schedule i found out that me and jackie got most class togheter.then we walked to advisor togheter.

We sat next to each other.Some boy sat by me. The boy seem quite handsome he got blond hair and blue eyes .He seem familiar though "oh he's from one direction " i realized .i  was smiling the whole day because i found out that one direction goes to this school.


me: why didn't you tell me one direction goes to this school?

jackie: wanted to suprise you since you told me you like one direction

Me: then you did a good job i was totally suprised

Jackie:lol, thnx

Me : got to go do my homework , ttyl



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