One thing

Hi my name is Kylie this my first movellas.I just moved here(London)from Britan.i always had a crush on a special guy.i have plenty of friends now in London u will get to meet them soon.


2. Friendships


It's  my second day of school I love it here.

I have a new friend  but I do miss my other I'm wearing a green crop top ,white cardigan and some light wash skinny jeans.It looks good on me I should wear this more often I said in my head."I wonder if Jackie is at school today, she is the only i know at school."And i heard that Samantha she always pick on new girl so .


*bell rings*Niall comes to sit in his seat and guess what......"SAMANTHA IS IN MY SPOT"I mumbled.i came by my spot she is flirting."Can u plz get out my seat"I asked politely."NO"she I said GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!"go in some little place called home ...o wait ur home less and u actually live with roaches".niall stands up and yells "SAMANTHA LEAVE HER ALONE SHE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO U"

omg did he jst stand up 4 me

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