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Natalie is one of the strongest vampires in the world. She doesn't feed of human blood though, she hunts for animals in the forest. She has a room mate, Zera, who is a werewolf and lives with Natalie in London.

One day they come across One Direction in the street. Natalie senses something strange about the 5 boys...Zera however thinks nothing of it!

Read the movella to find out more.


1. Profile Of The Girls

Hi i'm Natalie. Your probably wondering who I am and why im here...Well here's my data.

Name: Natalie Tursion

Age: Looks 18 but is really 1700 years old!

Profile: A skilled fighter. Has been a vampire for a while now, only feeding of animal blood. Lives in a apartment with best friend and room mate Zera. Hates One Direction! Half tomboy half girly. Gets stressed sometimes but very cheeky and layed back.

Appearance: Blonde hair with black under layer. Fit body, sporty. Brown eyes that go red sometimes. Wears a lot of blue, white or black clothes. 

Now it's Zera here, wassup! Here's my profile guys!

Name: Zera Wilson

Age: 18 

Profile: Very cheeky and naughty. Has a very neat room. Loves One Direction, Directioner all the way! Is a werewolf, transforms into a white wolf when I want to. Is girly. Best friends with Natalie, lives with her and hangs out all the time with her.

Appearance: Light brown hair. Green eyes. Very fit body. Freckles. Wears a lot of purple clothes. 


Well better get on with the story now you know who we are! 

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