The Stages of a Broken Heart

23 year old Chelsea Maters is still in shock after her boyfriend for 5 years broke up with her on their 5th anniversary. Depressed and hurt, she moves out of town and lives with her older brother. There she meets a man who'll help her go through the stages of a broken heart. And slowly, without her full consent, she finds her self falling for that guy.... Is she ready to love again? Is she willing to take the risk? Will she live happily ever after or once again, suffer the pain of a broken-heart??


16. 3.2 All is FAIR in Love and War

Chelsea’s POV


I was so embarrassed with my outburst a while ago and I just couldn’t get over it. What’s worse is I took it all out on Javier! He assured me it was normal because I’m in the stage of anger but still, it was not good.


            So to make me feel better, we went into another fair. Then he took me to the far end of the fair. We stood in front of a wall, a plain wall with shattered pieces of everything lying on the ground and then there are plates and cups and mugs and other breakable things.


            “What’s this?” I asked him.


            “Frustration Wall. You see all these ceramics here? You can choose anything you want and then throw them to that wall to lessen your frustration.” He said. “I first saw it when I went to the Philippines. It’s called a Taksiapo Wall. Don’t know what that means but it has its therapeutic effect on people so we decided to take it here.”


            “We?” I inquired.


            “Yeah. They’re my co-workers. They’re also psychologists. Guys say hi to Chelsea.” Then all his friends said hi to me. “Now throw away.”


            I was reluctant at first but I picked up a cup and threw it to the wall.


            “You can curse. Don’t be shy.” One of Javier’s friends told me.


            I tried. Although I was really shy first, I managed. Then I went to my second cup, and third, and fourth and a plate and another and another. The next thing I knew I was laughing with Javier’s friends.


            “Wow.” One said. “You can make a sailor blush with the way you cursed.” He teased and we laughed.


            “Javier this is so stress relieving!! Can we do it again next time?” I asked him.


            He smiled at me so sweetly that I felt my stomach do a couple of summersaults. “Anytime you want to. Just give me a call.” He said.


            I smiled back at him. “Thank you. For everything.” I said sincerely.


            Since we were already at the fair, we decided to make the best out of it. It’s our second time to go to a fair together but I feel different. I feel like a lovesick teenager on a date with her biggest school crush.


            Oh you silly Chelsea, you only feel that because he’s there when nobody else was. Yes that’s it. I feel silly because after my breakup with Sam, he’s the first guy (except Clay) that I trusted.


            “Hey, you want some ice cream?” Javier asked.


            “Sure.” I simply said, feeling my face blush.


            When we were in line, he asked me a couple of things, things he didn’t know yet and things I’ve never shared with anybody. It just felt so right, like he’s the right guy. But of course that would be delusional thinking.


            “Dollar for your thoughts?” he asked when he sensed my silence.


            “Isn’t that supposed to be ‘penny for your thoughts?’” I said.


            “Your thoughts are worth more than that. Hell, I’d give an arm and a leg for your thoughts.” He said.


            “Then damn, I could be rich just by thinking! Don’t you think? I could make a fortune out of it.” I teased.


            “You silly girl.” Then silence. “There’s a fireworks display later. Wanna stay?”


            “Sure. I’d love to.” I said.


            While waiting for the fireworks display, we decided to try all the booths in the fair. Javier being an overachiever told me he’d get me so many prizes that I couldn’t see where I’m going. But of course, he failed. He only won 2, a couple bear.


            “Oh, that’s okay. I had so much fun!” I told him.


            “Really? Even though I only got you two teddy bears?” he pouted.


            “Well, it could have been better but-” then he nudged my side teasingly, “Okay, fine. I was kidding. It wouldn’t matter if you didn’t get me any.”




            “Yeah.” I said then I handed him the pink teddy bear. “This one’s yours, you name it Chelsea so you can remember me and I’d name mine Javier.”


            He smiled. “You’re special.” I almost lost my breath at that. “Oh look, the fireworks.”


            Then I stared up to the sky, a marvelous fireworks display greeted the audience. I was at aw. I was too caught up with the show that I got startled when Javier put his coat around me.


            “It’s chilly.” He said. He stared at me with such intensity in his eyes that I almost melted on the spot. Then slowly he dipped his head to mine.


            He kissed me, I kissed him back. And I loved it. Every single moment of it.

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