The Stages of a Broken Heart

23 year old Chelsea Maters is still in shock after her boyfriend for 5 years broke up with her on their 5th anniversary. Depressed and hurt, she moves out of town and lives with her older brother. There she meets a man who'll help her go through the stages of a broken heart. And slowly, without her full consent, she finds her self falling for that guy.... Is she ready to love again? Is she willing to take the risk? Will she live happily ever after or once again, suffer the pain of a broken-heart??


15. 3.1 Anger

Chelsea’s POV


  I was fine, I swear. I was fine until Sammy Evans and Carrie Andrews came. So after that, I basically became a disaster. That’s what Javier told me, when I woke up with a major head-ache as big as Australia pounding in my head. I needed some explanation to why I was in his apartment, wearing only my underwear (once again).


“Be thankful I was there, Chelsea. You were out of control.” He said to me. “You started telling people ducks are older that Jesus and that the dinosaurs’ existence is only an attempt to prevent people from knowing that pokemons does exist.”


“I said that?” I asked him, completely embarrassed.


“Yeah. And then I took you here because according to you, cuddling with me is the best way to relieve your stress.” He smirked. “It was funny seeing you so drunk. Cute.”


“Do you think I caused a scene in the reunion?” I asked him hopefully.


“No. You asked me to take you home after you had a couple of glasses of wine. Then you asked me to take you to a club. That’s where the drinking happened.” He told me.


“We went to a club?” I asked him. “I don’t remember.”


“I’m pretty sure you don’t.” he grinned then he became sullen. “I’m disappointed at you, Chelsea.”


“What? Why?”


“I expected you to handle it better than that. It’s normal to feel like that actually but I just thought you were better than that.” He said.


“If it’s normal, then why are you disappointed?” I asked confused.


“Just because.” He simply said. “Sammy’s not worth it.”


With that he left.




Javier’s POV


That’s a pretty good question. Why was I disappointed at her? It’s very normal for one person to feel that way. I mean, that’s what usually happens. You think you’re over her just because you don’t see her anymore, then she comes back and the feelings returns too.


“Get dressed Chelsea. I’m taking you out.” I said as I came back to my room where Chelsea was. To my surprise, she was beating the pulp out of my pillows.


“ IDIOT! JERK! MANWHORE! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!!!!!! ARGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!” she shouted as she pounded on my pillows, then she started crying.


I expected this coming. She’s in the ‘anger stage’ where all she feels is anger, not just for Sammy but generally everyone and everything around her.


“Hey, hey. It’s okay. He’s not worth it.” I said trying to calm her. This is probably the hardest part of the whole ‘moving on’ thing.


“I hate you too! You’re supposed to help me get over him but nothing’s happening!” she yelled at me. I stayed calm.


It was normal for people who are in this stage to feel like this, and this is the part where all her friends and family members help out. She needs total consideration and understanding.


“I can’t help you if you don’t help yourself.” I said to her calmly. But to be honest, I’m annoyed. Not at her, but at the situation.


Why can’t she just move on already? Wait, now where did that come from? Wait, that sounded wrong, I’d like her to move on, it’s my goal but somehow I think this is much more than just a doctor trying to help his patient, if that’s what you even call it. It’s bordering to a personal level of satisfaction.


“So you’re saying it’s my fault that I haven’t moved on? Is that what you think? Well you’re supposed to help me out here!!!!” she shouted. “You’re a useless doctor!!! I hate you!”


“Listen, I’m trying to help here, just try and stop being stubborn then maybe we could make some progress.” I said.


“No, it’s not that. Maybe you’re just not as good as you think you are! Maybe you can’t really help me but you’re pretending you could!!! And I hate you for that.” She shouted.


“Or maybe you just can’t accept the fact that your Sammy doesn’t want you anymore and he thinks your ‘bestfriend’ is much better than you. And maybe she is!!” I shouted back, really annoyed. It was too late when I realized what I just said.


Tears started brimming in her eyes. “Out.”


“Look, Chels, I didn’t mean it.” I said sincerely. “OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!”


That’s how I got kicked out of my own room. I started pacing back and forth, thinking of ways to apologize to her when the door of my room opened, there she is, wearing nothing but my shirt and her undies. And damn, did she look good. I looked at her, and her eyes were still moist from all the crying.


“Look Chels. I’m so—“ before I could finish, she took me by surprise and hugged me, then she started crying again.


“I’m sorry for kicking you out of your room, and blaming you, and insulting you.” She said in between sobs.


“It’s okay. I’m sorry too.” I said stroking her hair. I hugged her closer to me. Then I was surprised by myself. I almost said it. I almost did. Thankfully I caught myself before I said ‘I love you’.

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