The Stages of a Broken Heart

23 year old Chelsea Maters is still in shock after her boyfriend for 5 years broke up with her on their 5th anniversary. Depressed and hurt, she moves out of town and lives with her older brother. There she meets a man who'll help her go through the stages of a broken heart. And slowly, without her full consent, she finds her self falling for that guy.... Is she ready to love again? Is she willing to take the risk? Will she live happily ever after or once again, suffer the pain of a broken-heart??


12. 2.7 The Favor

Chelsea's POV


Darcy Fran. My most hated person in the world, next to my ex bestfriend whose name shall not be spoken of. Now here I am, face to face with Darcy in the grocery store. Hate it.


"Sorry to hear about Sammy." she said in a not-so-sorry manner.


"I don't need your apologies. I've moved on." have I?


"Oh really?" she said doubtfully.


"Yes. I found someone better." I caught myself say before I even knew my mouth was moving.


"Oh. A new boyfriend? How fast." Darcy said, her brows were knitted together.


"Yes. And he's ten times better." I said holding up her chin higher.


"This boyfriend of yours... What is he?"


"A,, ahm,, a psychologist.Yes, he's a psychologist a good one. Weird but really good." I am in big trouble.


"Well, that's good. So are we going to see this new boyfriend of yours in our high school reunion?" Darcy challenged.


"Reunion?" I don't know anything about the reunion.


"Yes. Reunion. Haven't Carrie told you?" Why the hell would she? We're not even on speaking terms right now. I still want to wring her neck.


"No." I simply said.


"Well, she's coming. With Sam." she smiled knowingly. "I hope to see you and boyfriend. Next Friday, at Paseo de Gracia, 9pm. Please wear something..formal." said Darcy as she looked at her from head to toe.


"We'll be there." I assured her. Then the next thing I know is I am sitting on Javier's couch as he looked at me.


"So?" Javier asked me.


"Can you do me a favor?" I asked.




"I need you to pose as my boyfriend."

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