The Stages of a Broken Heart

23 year old Chelsea Maters is still in shock after her boyfriend for 5 years broke up with her on their 5th anniversary. Depressed and hurt, she moves out of town and lives with her older brother. There she meets a man who'll help her go through the stages of a broken heart. And slowly, without her full consent, she finds her self falling for that guy.... Is she ready to love again? Is she willing to take the risk? Will she live happily ever after or once again, suffer the pain of a broken-heart??


4. 1.3 What He Thinks

  *Chelsea's POV*

  Ow! My head. It hurts. It feels like it's being ripped apart.

  Why is the sun so bright today?! Come on. Can anyone close the window?!


  I don't have a window at home!!!!! Yeah, believe it. I really don't.

  So if this is not my room then...

  "WHERE THE HELL AM I?!"  I shouted in annoyance.

  "So, you're awake?" A male voice said from behind me. I looked back to see who it is.

  Holy Bambooberries!!! He is so....... 

  "Aaakkk!!!" I shouted as I covered my eyes.

  He came out of the bathroom with only a towel to cover him. He's half-naked and hot- Oh, I did not just say that!! I have a boyfriend for Go--, wait. I kinda forgot.

  I don't have one.

  "Geez, what's wrong with you?" He said covering his ears. I ignored him and kept quiet. "You are weird, whoever you are. First you scream like there's no tomorrow and now you act like you're mute. Girls, so confusing."

  I sent him my death glare and my eyebrows furrowed into a thin line. "Who are you and why are you here?"

  "That's your way of thanking me for saving your pretty ass last night in the bar? Geez." He said as annoyed as I am.

  "Bar? Wait what?!" Then slowly, I remembered the past events last night.

  A guy was hitting on me and I was drunk so I couldn't do anything. Then this gorgeous guy comes and save me.

  Wait, wait, what?!

  I looked at him and analyzed his features. In case he really is that guy.

  "Oh, you're that gorgeous guy who saved me last night!" I said without second thinking.

  He smirked at what I said and I blushed hard when I remembered what I said.

  "Oops, that was....." Shoot. I can't think of anything to say!

  He chuckled at me then smirked again. "Yep, the gorgeous guy I am." He said still smirking. "I'm Javier, by the way. And you are?"

  "Chelsea." I said hesitantly.

  "Well, Chelsea, do you want to grab some breakfast and then maybe you could tell me where you live?" He offered.

  "Well...." I was about to refuse when my stomach suddenly grumbled. That's so embarrassing, I could die right now. "Yeah."

  I stood up so I could at least have a shower before we leave. Then I realized something.

  "Why am I not wearing my dress!" I asked him, my face flushed.

  He snickered and then he walked closer to me. He stopped beside me then he whispered to me.

  "Zebra stripes are really hot, babe." And on cue, I blushed harder. "You're free to use the bathroom. I have extra towels inside too. Your dress is in the laundry room." Then just like that he left.

  *Javier's POV*

  She's really cute when she's blushing....

  Wait what!?! That's crappy, and Ugh! Whatever.

  But the truth is I wasn't the one who changed her clothes. I called my sister over so she could help me. But I wouldn't tell her that. And about her zebra striped undies, my sister told me about that.

  I just really wanted to sorta take my revenge. She didn't let me sleep the whole night!

  She moves around when she sleeps and I keep on falling in the floor.

  Yeah, I shared the bed with her. I had no choice, my guest room isn't done yet and I am not going to sleep on the couch. It's my house after all.

  I had to control my hormones. Because damn, she's hot. She has more curves done a race track.

  Men that's so lame..

  "Hey, can you please stop grinning like that?" She told me in annoyance as she was munching down the whole lasagna.

  Seriously, who eats lasagna for breakfast?

  "Just eat and don't mind me." I said to her. "You eat a lot. You're depressed." It wasn't a question but a statement.

  "Can I not eat a lot without being depressed? I mean, haven't it occurred to you that I might just have a humungous appetite for food specially when it has cheese and beef?" She told me but her eyes were saying a whole different story.

  "Well, that's possible but in your case, nope." I answered with a popping 'p'.

  "What do you mean my case?" She asked in curiosity and irritation.

  "Last night you were in a bar alone and drunk and looking sad and now you eat like there's no tomorrow. There must be a different reason for that other than just your humungous appetite for food." I explained to her.

  "Are you a psychic?" She asked me, kinda sarcastically.

  "No, I'm a psychologist."

  "Whatever. But just so you know, I was not alone last night. I was with my friend Sasha who all of a sudden disappeared last night." She said.

  "But you were depressed?" I asked her again.

  "Okay, I admit. I am." She sighed in defeat.

  "What are you so upset about?" I asked her.

  "Since you're a psychologist, I think I could tell you and maybe you can help me." Then she started telling me her story.

  One word. Typical. It was a typical break-up story. So cliché that I can't see why she's so upset. If I was her, I'd just forgive, forget and move on. But well, it's her not me.

  "Just move on." I answered simply.

  "Easy for you to say." She said sarcastically.

  "Look, he's a cheating ass..le, your ex bestfriend's a slut and you're a total wretch. Can't you see that you should be thankful that you broke up? Because if he loves you then he should have never fell for your ex-bestfriend's seduction games. I don't know how many people have told you this, but he is not worth it." I told her directly.

  "We didn't break up okay? It's s total misunderstanding. After he founds out how much of a Carrie is, he'll eventually come back for me." She insisted.

  "And what? You'd let him into your life again despite the fact that he could cheat on you once more?  I didn't think you'd be such an idiot in things like that." I told her.

  "Stop acting like you know everything about my relationship with Sam, okay?" She said, now very angry.

  "Believe it or not, babe, I've encountered a lot of people who has the same experience as you. Some much worse that the other." I defended myself. "I'm not forcing you to do as I say. It's still your decision after all."

  "That's right so you have no say in this." She said again in an angry manner but not wild.

  "You're in the first stage of a heartbreak. The Denial stage. You deny everything that has happened and you take every advice given to you as an offensive statement. You won't listen to anyone but yourself and you strongly believe that he'll come back to you, beg in his knees, apologize and proclaim his undying love to you." I explained to her.

  She sighed like she's uninterested and I continued. "You constantly check on your phone to see if he left a message or have called." Then on cue she put her phone back on her bag.

  "Look I'm not in-"

  "You deny that you are in denial because you believe there is nothing to deny." I added.

  "There is nothing to deny because I'm not-"

  "You deny that you're broken hearted or hurt.."

  "I'm per-"

  "You insist that you're perfectly fine even if you really aren't." I said again.

  "You know what, whatever." She said angrily. "Keep talking, I'm not listening."

  "Okay." I said. "You deny that you're wrong and stubbornly believe that you are right." I paused then looked at her. "You refuse to believe that it's over and that there is no hope at all."

  "So what are you saying? That he doesn't love me anymore and that he won't come back?" She said annoyed.

  "Idiot. That's what I've been trying to tell you. But you left the fact that there is a big possibility that he never loved you on the first place."

  The time I said that, she looked at me, obviously furious and hurt.

  "I don't believe you." She said sternly, almost crying.

  "I don't expect you to." I answered.

  "Take me home please." She said.

  *Chelsea's POV*

  Who the hell does he think he is?! He doesn't know anything!

  Maybe I told him. My story but so what? That doesn't mean he could judge or whatever he did was called. I did ask for help, yes. But I never asked for criticisms.

  I totally regret telling him this.

  "Stop in front of that gate." I said as I pointed the house.

  I went out of his car without a word but he followed me.

  "You can go." I said but he did not listen.

  I knocked and Clay answered the door.

  "Chelsea!! I have been so worried of you!! Where were you last night?!? Why didn't you come home?!?" Clay asked me.

  I was about to answer when Javier started speaking.

  "My apologies. I was with her last night. Don't worry, I didn't do anything wrong." He said.

  Seriously, this guy is mental! Does he think Clay would believe him even if it's true?!

  "Oh, I see. Well thanks again. Anyway, you didn't tell me you knew my sister." Clay said to Javier.

  Now I'm completely clueless.

  "I didn't know she's the sister you've been talking about." Javier answered.

  "I'm lost." I told the both of them.

  "Well, Chels, you met Javier Robinsons. But I don't think you know that we're friends since college days. He's a trustworthy guy so no need to worry." Clay told me.

  "He's obnoxious and annoying too." I said seriously.

  "I'm just vocal about what I think. And should I remind you, you asked me for advice." Javier told me.

  "A decision I regretted a lot." I said, not looking at him.

  "Chelsea, don't be so mean. But it's a good thing you already met. I was gonna recommend you to see him, actually. He's a good psychologist." My brother said.

  "Whatever. I'm going in." I shoved him away which I know is so rude but I'm more than pissed right now.

  Denial. Bullcrap.

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