The Stages of a Broken Heart

23 year old Chelsea Maters is still in shock after her boyfriend for 5 years broke up with her on their 5th anniversary. Depressed and hurt, she moves out of town and lives with her older brother. There she meets a man who'll help her go through the stages of a broken heart. And slowly, without her full consent, she finds her self falling for that guy.... Is she ready to love again? Is she willing to take the risk? Will she live happily ever after or once again, suffer the pain of a broken-heart??


2. 1.1 Denial

  *@Clay's House*

  No. No no no no no no. This is not happening to me. We're not yet over, we simply had a cool-off. Eventually we'll be back together. Yes that's it. It's a cool off not a break up.

  What am I thinking. I know he's never coming back, but I can't help but hope that he will. Maybe, once he gets tired of Carrie and finally realize that Carrie's not worth it. Yes, that's it. He'll come back when he finds out about Carrie's true colors. I mean come on, boyfriend number 7?!

  He'll know about Carrie, he will. He will, I'll just have to wait. Carrie's a b.tch. A sl.t

  'Yeah, but that sl.t managed to steal your 'ever faithful boyfriend'.' The half of me said to myself.

  Oh what am I doing? I'm freaking talking to myself. Oh Gosh no..

  Just when I thought I've cried all the tears I could, they started rolling on my face again.

  'I thought we're already done crying? You're brave, Chelsea!! He's a jerk.' My mind said.

  But my heart was opposing. It kept telling me that I'll never find another man as good as him. That I can't live without Sam.

  'I agree, you won't find another man as good as him. Because on the first place, he isn't good enough!! He's a jerk! Now move on b.tch!' My mind scolded me.

  My heart was about to make a comeback when I heard a knock on the door.

  "Come in." I said dryly.

  My brother, Clay, came in with a tray of food in his hand.

  "It's past lunch time, you haven't even had breakfast." He said in a worried tone.

  "I'm not hungry." I said again dryly.

  "Stop torturing yourself, Chels. He's not worth it. Come on." My brother said in an annoyed yet worried voice.

  "I'm not-"

  "If he was a good man as you were telling me, why the hell did he cheat on you and made you believe that he loves you? Why the would he sleep with your sl.tty bestfriend? And if you defend him by telling me Carrie seduced him, let me just tell you this. If he loved you he would never look at any woman even if she's completely naked in front of him. Do you understand?!" He said, now very very angry at me.

  "Okay fine, I'm sorry. I just..." Then tears started flowing down to my fave again. "I love him so much. I really do." I told him, breaking down again.

  My brother took me in his arms and hugged me tight. "Things happen for a reason. I don't know what's the reason behind that but Imm certain there's a good reason. You'll find the one for you soon. Just be patient." He told me.

  I wanted to believe him. I did. But I'm afraid. I'm terrified of the possibilities, of the consequences. You see, when you love you get hurt. I don't want to get hurt again. Never. That's why, I don't think I can love again.

  "I know what you're thinking. You're thinking you don't wanna ever love again 'cause you'll only get hurt. You're scared." I looked at him. It's a wonder how he knows me too well, it's like he can read me like an open book. "I've been there, done that. Now look at me. I'm gonna get married." He said smiling at me.

  Married? Married?!? Oh my God! Finally!! 

  "You're engaged?!? You are?!" Then he nodded at me, smiling. "Really?! Congratulations!" Then I jumped to hug him. "Congratulations!! Why didn't you tell me?"

  "I was but then you called and said that Sam and Carrie betrayed you so I had to delay the news." He explained to me.

  "Oh, I'm sorry. So who's the lucky girl?" I asked, playing with my eyebrows.

 Then he looked down and blushed. "Okay, don't laugh. I said don't laugh!!" He said still blushing.

  "Is it Alice?" It was just a joke. Because when we were kids, Alice had a big crush on Clay and Clay said he will never ever ever marry her. No way. That's what he said. Then I looked at Clay he was looking down, terribly blushing. "Oh my God, it is Alice? As in Alice Spencer?!?" I asked again. He nodded and I laughed.

  "I said don't laugh." Clay said irritated.

  I couldn't help it. I hit him on the back of his head and laughed again. "I knew it!! You always had a crush on her too! That's why you punched Trevi when he tried to kiss her!!"

  "You don't have to rub it on mu face!!"

  Then I hugged him again. "She's perfect for you. I'm so happy for you, Clay."

  I hope one day, he'd be this happy for me too.



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