After a dramatic experiance happens. Kiara moves away from all the pain. She meets a boy who changes her world completely. But what happens when her past comes back to haunt her.


17. .just go with it

''Heey!'' Liam said. I waved slightly. We were in a a beaten down car. Arent you suppose to be like a millonaire? ''Sorry about the car. I dont want parazzi following us.'' He knew what i was thinking. Famous people promblems. Great.... ''its fine, uhhh where r we going''. I asked as i stared at the road. ''We are going to Zayn's all the boys are meeting there to relax, and just chill''. I get to meet the boys!! Omg i must be dreaming. I look down to what im wearing. I knew it tooo fancy. Liam was staring at me. ''Dont worry, you look beautiful.'' My face lit up. He made me blush hard. I tried to hide it. I knew he could too because he chuckled. Zayns flat was nice. As soon as we walked in it was extremly quiet. But then all of a sudden ''HEY GUYS there here! Harrys annocement made everyone smile and continue talking. Harrt kept looking me up and down. Uncomfortable. I met all the boys. Zayn&louis made me laugh hard, by pranking alycia, nialls girlfriend. Niall apologized for knocking me down. And harry kept staring at me. Uhhhhh. Me and liam sat on the couch next to alycia and niall. His hand got closer and closer to mine. I just grabbed it and held it. He blushed. I felt fluttering in my stomach. Que the butterflys.
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