After a dramatic experiance happens. Kiara moves away from all the pain. She meets a boy who changes her world completely. But what happens when her past comes back to haunt her.


13. home(:

''Btw im liam''. His tone was very broad and british, and i loved it when he spoke. ''Liam? Wait liam payne?? And in (the liam payne of one direction)!!'' Omg no it couldnt be. ''Yes please dont freak out!'' I couldnt believe it liam payne was talking to me! How could i not freak out. I managed to controll it. ''Dont worry. Im too caught up in the moment.'' His laugh was cute. Not a normal cute, a cheeky cute. ''Here'' liam looked nervous. He handed me a little paper. Was this his number?? I smiled and unfolded it. Blank....... uhhh. I gave him a confused glance. the meaning of this. elaborate please kinda look. ''Write your number please!'' My little smirk,reverted into a wide grin. I quickly wrote down digits, and slipped it through his hand.
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