After a dramatic experiance happens. Kiara moves away from all the pain. She meets a boy who changes her world completely. But what happens when her past comes back to haunt her.


9. Flight

She cared. Shocking right? Whatever why should i care right? The flight was super long and irritating. I sat by this 60 year old man. His name was fred! Anyways he was crying the whole time, holding a picture of his wife. He told me how she died and alot of stories. I asked where he was going and he said he was going to the place they first met. He said he wanted to rest there. The whole flight was depressing. But finnally i arrived!! The bad news was my dad texted me this ---------------------------- Daddy:im sorry Honey, cant pick u Up from airport im Working late. Got a Cab to take u home. Key underneth mat. Be home soon! Sent:3:45pm ------------------------------ Great........
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