After a dramatic experiance happens. Kiara moves away from all the pain. She meets a boy who changes her world completely. But what happens when her past comes back to haunt her.


12. fangirl?

Ugh my head was throbbing. I was in the hospital....... i think. I turned my head slightly.He was stting right there ,on his phone ,scrolling up and down. ''Oh good your awake!'' His words stunned me. He looked so familar. I thought i knw him.''Wheres my bags!!?'' Omg i was worried. ''Oh there in ur house. We kinda went in, sorry bout that'' . Should i be bothered about this?? Strange. His smile was perfect. He was perfect.''oh haha its fine'' he was about to say somthing but we were interrupted by the nurse. ''Ok, you can go home. Make sure that pretty little head of yours stays safe. Ur perscription is gonna be sent to you.'' I didnt know whether to take this as a compliment or rudely. Who cares i was ready to go home.
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