After a dramatic experiance happens. Kiara moves away from all the pain. She meets a boy who changes her world completely. But what happens when her past comes back to haunt her.


4. B*@#! move.

"Mom?" She was still asleep. She always drove me to school. My lunch would be left on the counter. Not today i guess. I could see drool on her pillow. In disgust,I guess i was just going to have to walk. One breeze, determined that today was not going to be my day. It felt like i forgot somthing. Oh well, ill remember later. The whole way there, a little snotty kid, kept throwing wood chips in my hair. I wondered if he could sense my misery. Considering, the decorative chips in my hair, i would take that as a no. From a mile away, I could already hear the rumors the freshmans were yapping about. Lets see what rumors get started about my confrontation. There he was. Coming up to me with a wide grin, what a bitch move. He had no right to be smiling. I heard his group, of senseless jerks, saying "get some, vannie". Well Isaiah Vannie, your gonna get somthing alright. As soon as he was in arm lenght away, my courage got the best of me. His hand was on his cheek. You could've guess what happened.
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