Double Life

Luna Gonzalez and her friends are all normal teenagers if you count being secret spies as normal. one day at school luna was recruited into a secret military program to make teenage spies. luna tries to juggle life as a spy and keeping it a secret from everyone else.


1. the men


The day my life changed I had no warning. I was sitting in my math class just counting down the minutes until I could get the hell out. Knock Knock Knock. " Joey go open the door," said my teacher Ms. Abrams. Joey opened the door and in came two men wearing black suits and sunglasses. 
"Hello ma'm I hope you don't mind but we need to speak with two of your student," said the one on the left. I noticed he had a slight scar by his right eyebrow.
" No, No gentlemen which of my students are you taking?"
" We need Joey Knight and Luna Gonzales." Suddenly the entire class went from looking at the men to looking at either me or Joey. I could tell Joey liked all these people looking at him; I didn't. Joey and I got up with our stuff and followed the two men out of the room, down the hallway, and out of the school.
" Um, if you don't mind me asking, why the fuck are you taking us out of school?" i asked but quickly added," not that i mind of course."
"All your questions will be answered soon enough please just get into the car," said the one without the scar. He motioned to a car I didn't even notice before. Joey and I got into the car without complaint but not hesitation. I could just tell Joey was watching everything almost as if he were planning something. The two men were up front and i couldn't hear what they were saying since they were speaking in whispers.
" Do you know anything about what's going on?" I asked Joey.
"No but maybe it has something to do with  something we did," he said with shaking his light brown hair out of his eyes.
"Maybe but why would they want to talk to us it's not like we've done anything too bad lately," i said my brown eyes narrowed and confused.
"I wonder where their taking us or even how long it'll take to get there," Joey said after a few minutes of silence between us.

" I dunno i"ll ask,"i told him.
"Hey men in black where the hell are you taking us or at least ell me how long until we get there?" i shouted towards the men.
"well you don't have to wait much longer because we're here"

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