Summer Water

Blaire Summers is staying with her dad for the summer in California. She plans to surf, swim, and have many one night stands while she is out there. Then she meets Justin Ride. She falls in love with the guy of her dreams. But what happens at the end of summer when Blaire has to go to college in Hawaii and Justin has to go to New York? Even though they are miles away from each other will their love stay?


1. Blaire

     I got off the plane to see my dad waiting for me. "Hi Dad!" I went to hug him. I had missed him so much for the last year. "Hey honey, I already found your stuff!" he said holding up my luggage. "Thanks!" I told him. As we drove to his beachside home I talked his ear off. I talked a lot, a trait I got from my mother... When we were pulling into the drive dad finally got me to shut up and said," There is a suprise for you inside!" I jumped out of the car and told dad to hurry up. As we walked inside and I turned on the lights a lot of people jumped out and yelled: SUPRISE! All my old friends from California were here. After I went around and hugged everybody my dad tapped on my shoulder to get my attention. I turned around to see a blonde lady with blue eyes and a pair of twins about my age standing next to her. "Hi!" she said shaking my hand, "My name is Stacy and these are my daughters, Lena and Gina." I shook their hands. My dad walked over to Stacy and put his arm around her," Honey," he said to me, "Stacy and I are getting married." My stomach dropped and my smile slid off my face. I turned around and went outside. I went to the back of dad's truck and pulled my luggage out. I pulled it upstairs to my room ignoring my dad as he tried to speak to me.

    I closed the door behind me and opened the balcony door. I looked out to the ocean and the sunset. It was so beautiful. The smell of the ocean overwhelmed me. I wished I still lived out here. I heard a knock and then the door opening. "If it's dad, or evil stepmom, or the redrum twins go away!" I said. "It's just lil' o' Gwenny." I heard my best friend Gwen say. I turned around and hugged her. "Your dad told everybody to go home. I am sleeping over though," she said gesturing to her bag in the corner of the room.

     "Yay! So where are we gonna go tonight?!" I said excitedly. "Well there is a party to celebrate Summer Vacation down the street. Justin is throwing it. You remember Nick right?" Sara said. "Was he the little, scrawny kid with the sandy hair and the blue eyes?" I asked. Sara nodded," Ya but he is so sexy now. He is muscular and just...mmm" I laughed,"Well I am not going to want a boyfriend. I just want some one nighters." "Same for me," Sara said," Wait what about your dad?!" I gave her a dubious look, the kind of look that said dude we are 18  now he can't control me. We laughed again. It was going to be an interesting summer.

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