Life is Never Easy in This World

The year is 2013, on a planet called Earth. This Earth isn't like the Earth we know and love though, in this Earth there aren't just humans living on the planet. There are many different creatures that we would consider 'Super-natural' and 'Pretend', but here they are as real as anyone. These extraordinary people are persecuted because they are stronger then the average human. This story fallows a vampire girl who has to hide what she is as she raises in the music charts. Will they find out her secret and use her for her talent, or will successfully make her goal and get out alive?


2. The New Normal, Isn't That Normal

In August, things were different, not just for Violeta but for everyone. The ‘super-naturals’ are gone, on their island in the middle of nowhere, very few were allowed to live in regular areas.  The island was very spacious and beautiful, and it had the perfect temperature. Granted everyone wanted to go home and go on with their regular lives, it wasn’t that bad on the island, most of the people saw it as a vacation. Those who did were put on TV to talk about how great the place was, and lure out others who were in hiding.  The media never covered how ‘super-naturals’ who ever seen as “threats to society” where locked up in a prison.


The ‘super-naturals’ who could live in the regular countries, only kept certain jobs. To get off the island you had to be useful to the humans, be on good behavior, abide for special rules, and most had attend classes on how to act in human society. Werewolves were employed as bodyguards and police officers. Witches were psychics, healers, and ecologists. Shape shifters only got jobs if they had a specific skill, and most are in colonies hiding. Vampires were business people, lawyers, historians, high-level law enforcement, and one entertainer. That brings us back to our lovely Violeta.


In the past seven months, Violeta Carton had donned a guise that she was a happy-go lucky girl, who was ignorant of bad things. The vampire had to act this way to pull off the story that Harrison had come up with to keep the government off her trail, because there was no way they would deem being a low-level singer as important and let her stay. Her story was that she was just an average girl that had a great voice, and then Harrison discovered her. After discovering her, they realized that she was going to lose he voice because she had throat nodules. They had quickly found a vampire who was willing to change her, after she refused being attached to Harrison for the rest of her existence.  After hearing her story the officials took her to the U.N. to talk about what they would do about her. Harrison ended up striking up the deal that if she could build a fan-base of one Million people by the end of the year, she would be allowed to stay in the human world. Well that’s what the public was told, and they ate it up. Truth was the U.N. thinks she’s just a plane human girl who made up a story to gain popularity, so her secret was safe. For now.


This was the least of her worries at the moment though. She was worried about all her friends and creations on the Island, which they’ve come to name Paradise Island. Some of the people she cared for were trouble makes, and she didn’t want any of them getting hurt. They had allowed her to have constant contact with her first creation, Alistair Marious who was posing as her maker, and they were planning a surprise visit to the island to ‘finish her change’. She was rising in the entertainment industry quickly, and they were planning to boost it even more buy showing her reunion with Alistair on TV, not that she needed to, she already has a quarter million fans. Some of her fans were her ‘super-natural’ friends and family, while the others were everyone from Fish Creek. The vampire girl almost cried when she started to get encouraging letters from them. The town had gotten to love the girl in her brief time in their town. She would make time to visit them.


Lately she was extremely busy with small concerts, public events, recordings, writing songs, making her first record, and dealing with fans. So, when the vampire collapsed back on to the couch in her high-rise penthouse, that over looked L.A., it was understandable that she sighed.   She rubs her face and tries to rub away the tiredness; she still had some things to do for the night. She wasn’t alone in the penthouse and she remembered this when an overly large boy walked past her and dropped an energy drink in her lap. “Come on Boss, you still got work to do.”


Enter Dante Botheric, of the ‘Setting Sun’ werewolf pack. Dante was the Alpha werewolf of his pack and Violeta’s personal bodyguard. He and his pack had special permission to fallow Violeta wherever she went, because new vampires were the most vulnerable of their kind and she was a major target for vampires because of her public spot light. Dante was nice to look at being 6’3”, deep black eyes, black hair that was swept across his forehead in a slightly Zac Effron manner, he had a light brown skin tone due to his Native American background. Girls who saw the wolf would often swoon at the 18 year-old, but not Violeta. She had seen many a beautiful men in her time on this earth, and even though Dante was up there she could still hold her own against him. People always called them as a ‘beautiful couple’ because of the way Dante fussed over her in public.


Violeta lets out an annoyed groan, when Harrison had insisted she get a guard dog or something after a crazy hunter broke into her apartment, she hadn’t expected this. Walking around with a large German Shepard would have been better. “I know Dante.” She goes to get up and get her music stuff when the werewolf is standing there with her guitar, music sheets and pencils. She cocks her head and raises an eyebrow at him. “Why’d you bring it out here, I could have goon to the studio?” He chuckles and lays the papers and pencils down before handing her the guitar. “I know you prefer to sit on the couch when you start writing.” After six months, Dante had learned Violeta's patterns quickly. She shakes her head and starts to work. “Thanks.” Even though the werewolf annoyed Violeta, he took great care of her. She cracks the energy drink and starts to finish the song she had been working on for the past few days.


After two hours, the song was done and dinner was made. The vampire and werewolf, who if hadn’t been placed together the way they were would avoid each other to avoid war, sat eating at a dinner table. It’s mostly silent as they ate. “What time is it?” Dante looks to his watch. “Almost 9 o’clock.” She looks at him with her piercing blue eyes. “Shouldn’t you have gone back to the pack by now?” Dante shivered a bit at her fierceness, did she really hate him this much. She had thrown a fit when he and the pack had first shown up, but she had calmed down lately. “No, I’m sorry Boss but there are too many death threats so I’m gonna be living in the penthouse, instead of downstairs until they calm down.” She sighs. “This is an inconvenience but okay. Harrison will yell at me again if I kick you out.” Even if Harrison was younger then Violeta, he still had some power over her now that he was her boss.


Violeta stands gracefully and starts to pick up her dishes and put them in the sink. “You’re doing the dishes then.” She grabs her music materials and puts them away in her studio, taking care to set the guitar in its case and the new song in a safe. She needed to protect the music she had worked so hard on. She moves back into her room and brings out her laptop. She would talk to Alistair every night like she always did before to figure out what had happened in Paradise that day, and because with him being her first creation they were very close.


Dante chuckles lightly at her distant manner, when it came to him. The werewolf didn’t ever think that the vampire would ever warm up to his self or his pack. He quickly finishes his own food and takes them to the sink, he places great care in cleaning them knowing how the vampire girl was about things being clean. He had actually been surprised that she took the news so well. After the dishes are clean and taken care of the Alpha calls down stairs to his pack to check on the pack. Dante ends the call and goes to check on his charge. Violeta is already asleep curled up in her bed. Dante smiles and covers the girl with a blanket, she may be over a thousand years old but she was still a teenager. He shifts to his wolf form and lays on her rug at the foot of her bed, falling asleep as well.  

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