Life is Never Easy in This World

The year is 2013, on a planet called Earth. This Earth isn't like the Earth we know and love though, in this Earth there aren't just humans living on the planet. There are many different creatures that we would consider 'Super-natural' and 'Pretend', but here they are as real as anyone. These extraordinary people are persecuted because they are stronger then the average human. This story fallows a vampire girl who has to hide what she is as she raises in the music charts. Will they find out her secret and use her for her talent, or will successfully make her goal and get out alive?


1. Remember September

It was seven months ago in September when everything went wrong. In the months leading up to the monumental fall out, the biggest historical falling out in history things were bad. In the world ‘Super-natural’ beings were starting to come out as what they really were. The immortals, living thousands of years were sick of hiding in the shadows. The shape sifters, had to many mood swings and people were starting develop technology to connect the D.N.A of their animal forms to that of their human. The werewolves weren’t protected by the confusion in all of the drug trips, when they used to be able show up in front of an acid user and the wouldn’t remember anything, and crazy humans were always out on the full moon. The witches, continuously expelled by humans when they try to fit in, always thought of as odd and to be driven out from everyone. These higher beings came together and many decided that enough was enough and they, on their own, started a movement of coming out to the world about what they really were.


The few known as “Better Blood”, a group of ‘super-natural’ teens and adults alike that were sick of hiding got the world’s attention displaying the most noticeable things of their species, also the most dangerous things about them. The vampires sped, like a blur, through cameras and lifted the heaviest things they could: cars, tanks, and construction materials. The shape shifters shifted into their strongest animals. The werewolves turned to their true colossal wolf form. The witches did some of their highest magic. The group did this all over the world to show everyone.  The response of the world wasn’t as great as it could have been, but it seemed as if everything was fine. The United Nations had come together in secret, trying to plan what to do against the overly powered people.


Everyone who was a regular person held a slight fear of the newly revealed rarities but also a great curiosity. In other words life went on as it did every day, just people realized something new about their neighbors, friends, and sometimes family. Other than the powers they held, the ‘Super-natural’ posed no threat to the humans, their primary diets being animals, fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and everything a normal human would eat. Once the main threat was demolished, everyone calmed significantly. People went out to dinner, had dates, went to parties, and fallowed music as diligently as ever. Teenage girls who fantasized about vampires had their dreams come true. Press and acquaintances would question all the ‘Super-naturals’ that came out about what rumors were true, vampires especially were questioned about historical events they had witnessed. Most liked the new information.


Our story starts somewhere specific, with someone specific. Her name is Violeta Carton. She’s a thousand year old vampire, who kept moving from town to town in her immortal life, avoiding large cities and never returning to the same place. Her thickly lashed lie blue eyes have seen the wonders and horrors of the world, her deep red lips drank the blood of thousands, her rounded ears heard thousands of languages, her pure white ringlets only ever touched by the ones she trusted most, her forever 5’4”, 17 year-old, slightly curved body walked along millions of roads. Violeta had always stayed to the shadows, never wanting to be realized. Her identity as a vampire was her most guided secret. When she decided to make her new start a man by Harrison Cable, a vampire who worked in the music business, made a deal with the young vampire. Harrison proposed that if Violeta came to work for his company for a few years and raise them in fame, he would owe her a life debt, the most unbreakable and deepest of vampire bonds. It was nearly impossible for the elder vampire to refuse, so she accepted.


This time around she found Fish Creek, Wisconsin a town with a population of 200 people.  She would fake being two years younger and go into the school system as a softmore, and work her way to graduation. She would have papers saying the she was an emancipated teenager after her parents abused her, the papers were provided by Mr. Cable. She picked out a small house and was moved in with the minimum of everything, all her things would be staying in her L.A. penthouse. Within a year she had integrated herself into the town, known as basically the girl who was just there and gone every weekend. She would stay and go to school, but after she would go straight home and never leave her house for anything but the necessities. The teachers didn’t even ask her questions in class, after for the first weeks she would just stare at them or ignore them completely. On the weekends and on special occasions she would go to L.A., she enjoyed the town and loved her work as a budding star. When in Fish Creek she wore a hoodie to hide her face and not speak to anyone.  Most people decided that they wouldn’t bother with her since she would sometimes go missing for days at a time.


 Everything hit the fan in the September of her Junior year, when everyone believed that she was her bodies true age, 17. Even though she ignored everyone they were still considerate and gave her meals and such, knowing that she was alone. On her birthday they make her a bunch of sweets and a cake. It was the first time that anyone had seen her smile, after she was invited to many dinners, which she accepted and sat as a silent guest smiling at them as she ate. After the first birthday, they knew her favorites and often made them for her. They had accepted her as a part of their town.


One day when they were in the single school building sitting in class, listening to a brand new history teacher talks about the Salem Witch trials, things changed. Violeta sat settled in her seat at the back of the class writing lyrics for her newest song. She kept writing and crossing things out in her spiral notebook. The naïve teacher, Ms. Benin, decided to ask the girl a question. ”What do you think about the Witch trials, Violeta?”  Everyone looked to her both surprised and nervous about the question, even Violeta. The mayors’ daughter Lily, who she had spent a lot of time in the Mayors house, tried to protect her. “Ms. Benin, Voileta hasn’t said a word since she moved in two years ago, she doesn’t really talk.” Violeta clears her voice lightly. All the people in the area look at her, even a teacher passing by stops and looks in. “I think that the witch trials are stupid, they’re all about hearsay and blaming their neighbors to get land, no actual witches. Kind of like the McCarthy trials in the 1950s.” Everyone looks to her in awe at her melodic bell like voice.


Just then  a man comes over the load speakers; he has a deep rough voice, Principle Green. “Hello Everybody, I have been ordered to read you all an announcement. It reads; United States citizens I would like to inform you all that the United Nations has created with the help of our ‘Super-Natural’ friends have made an island country, similar to Hawaii, for our extraordinarily talented friends. We would like all ‘Super-Naturals’ to report your local law enforcement, so you can be transported to the island tropics for some mandatory meetings and a get certified. There’s the end. So everyone please report to the sheriff’s office after our early dismissal.”


All minds go to the two families that are openly ‘super-natural’, a witch family and a young wolf pair. Two of their neighbors would be gone in the next few days. A few people’s minds go to Japanese internment. After the shocking announcement the bell rang. Everyone makes his or her way slowly home. When Violeta makes her way home she contacts Harrison and within an hour a plane about two minutes away would bring her back to L.A., a safe place at the moment. She would claim to be faking to be a vampire singer to get press and play her life under the radar. She doesn’t bother pack but she does take some special things. She does go through the decency to write her neighbors saying that the reason she was leaving because she was having problems with her parents and she needed to go back for court things, but she would be back in maybe a month. She planned on coming back to this place, as her plane took off, it would just take some time.

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