"'We'll find a way out, I promise.'
'Don't you think we have made enough promises today?'
'I only promise when I plan to keep it.'"

Everything in Jenna Larcel's life was going to be perfect, but when her fiancee, Laurence Goodfellow, makes a deal with a strange man, everything goes terribly wrong. Go back in the 1800s where mysteries roam and darkness fills all corners. And where no one can be trusted.


2. Laurence

  “You want a smoke?” Lucifer asks for the fourth time.

  “No, Lucifer.  Now tell me where it is.”

  “Are you sure?  How ‘bout a drink?” He grabs a bottle of beer from the counter and tosses it me.  I catch it with one hand and then throw it to the floor.

  “Lucifer, I don’t have time for this.  Now do you have it or not?”

  “Yes sire…" He bows mockingly. "Gosh, be more demanding, will ya?"

  Lucifer leads me through a dark hallway to his study.  He fiddles with his keyring, trying to find the right one to open the study, as he says, "That girl ya doin' this for... she must be sumthin' special. I know I wouldn't do it if it were me."

  "That is because you are Lucifer. You only do things for your own profit."

  He smirks as he places a key in the lock. Then says softly, "Does that make you wonder why I'm this task for you?"

  Before I can answer, Lucifer twists the key and the door opens. It’s lit only by a single candle on a crooked wooden desk.  The air smells of ammonia and smoke and as we walk in, I notice the wallpaper is peeling. It looks almost as though the wallpaper was covering up or hiding something for underneath the peeling strips, there are strange markings covering the peeled.  The markings almost look like a different language.

  Lucifer walks to his desk and opens a small drawer. “Here is what you seek.” He takes out a tiny glass bottle that is about the size of a pocket watch.  The liquid inside of it is as red as blood. And seems to glow in the dark room.  Lucifer smiles at his creation, lips cracking as he reveals his crooked teeth.  He holds the vial up to me.

  “You sure this will work?”

  “As sure as there will be a tomorrow.”

  I take the potion and open the cork. “This will save her.”

  “Yes, yes, it will save her.


  “Gracious, boy, don’t ya trust me?”

  I raise an eyebrow.

  “Okay, I get it, but for Pete’s sake, just drink it.  Remember, to save a life, you must take one.” Lucifer laughs.

  I hold up to the candle and examine it.  The blood red liquid is warm and I see specks of things floating around in it.

  “Drink it now.  Quickly," Lucifer says impatiently.

  I glare at him. “I’m not drinking before I look at it.  You’re not the one to trust, Lucifer.”

  He winks and walks over to the door to close it. “You must do it soon or the potion will wear off.” Lucifer grabs the handle.  “You only have minutes before this is whole thing useless.”

  Well, I don’t want to come here a second time.  I put the potion to my lips and—

  The door slams open, pushing Lucifer to the ground.  There, standing in the doorframe, is Jenna.

  “Jenna?” I whisper, not able to believe what’s happening.  Why is she here?  How did she find me?



  “I know what you’re doing.  I’m not blind.  Now drop it.  Drop the potion!”


  Before I can finish, Jenna runs up to me, snatches the bottle out of my hand, and chucks it to the floor.  The delicate glass bottle smashes into million shards and the liquid soaks into the carpet.  Jenna whirls around and looks at me with a mixture of fury and relief.

  “Laurence, you idiot!” She shouts, trying to sound mad, but sounding more happy than angry.  She embraces me into a tight hug. “Don’t ever do anything for me again.”

  “But Jen—”

  “I—I can’t believe you.  My disease is curable.  They have found a cure that will save me from this.  There was no need to do any of this.  I saw you talking to that strange man outside my house so I followed you and—”

  “Jennifer!” I yell to make her stop.  My heart is racing and I can hardly speak. “Listen to me.” She stops hugging me and looks into my blue eyes.  Before I can stop myself, I say, “It’s too late.”


  “One drop is all it takes, Miss Larcel.  One drop.” I wince in pain and fall to my knees, gripping my stomach.  My stomach feels like it is burning my body inside out, causing my throat to go dry.

  “Laurence! NO!” Jenna keels by me as my arms give out and I fall to the floor, clutching my stomach. My stomach feels like ice and is making noises as if trying to preform Satin impressions. Jenna strokes my cheeks worriedly and I see a tear roll down her face.

  “Jenna, my beautiful Jenna…”

  “Please, please tell me you lied.  You did not drink it.  Please.”

  I grab her hand and hold it to my lips. “I’m sorry,” I whisper.

  “No, don’t go...”

  I can feel my heart slow down and my vision become darker and darker.  The only thing keeping my alive is the conscious telling me Jenna is still here, by my side.

  “Jenna, I will never go.  I love you and I always will.  Don’t forget that.”

  “I won’t.  I won’t ever forget.”

  “Jenna Marie Larcel,” I sigh.  My voice is scratchy now, so scratchy that I can hardly understand myself.

  “You said that we would meet again.  You cannot die. Not now!”

  “I love you Jenna.  No matter what happens, remember that I will be with you.”

  All I can think of is Jenna.  The first time I saw her.  Her laugh.  Her smile.  Her sense of humor.  Her.

  Then everything is blurring, fading.  I feel pressure on my lips as someone says, “I’ll never forget.  I promise.”  I try to smile, to show her some sign that I am aware what she said—to say I’m sorry—but my body shuts down and all I see is complete darkness.

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