"'We'll find a way out, I promise.'
'Don't you think we have made enough promises today?'
'I only promise when I plan to keep it.'"

Everything in Jenna Larcel's life was going to be perfect, but when her fiancee, Laurence Goodfellow, makes a deal with a strange man, everything goes terribly wrong. Go back in the 1800s where mysteries roam and darkness fills all corners. And where no one can be trusted.


4. Jenna

  I open my eyes and the world around me is nothing like what I thought it would be.  The whole area is pitch black and I can't see a thing. A sharp pain slices through my head and I wince. Am I—

  Suddenly, a light pops about 10 feet away from me.  The light burns my eyes and blinds me for a few seconds. At last, my eyes adjust and I see that the light is like a spotlight.  Why would there be a spotlight?  Where am i?

  I have to squint my eyes to see what the spotlight is showing.  I see a figure sitting on a small chair.  The figure is slumped on the chair and not moving.  I take to steps closer and I see that the figure has a halo of curly blond hair…

  "Laurence!” I shout.  I run to him, hearing a jingling sound with every stride.  My hands are suddenly yanked back and I cry out as something cuts my wrists.  I bite my lip and look down at my hands.  I can feel cold metal around my wrists.  The light from the spotlight reflects off a chain that is connected to the cuffs, causing my to be limited.  I jerk on the chains, trying to inch closer to Laurence.

  “Laurence!” I scream. “Laurence!  Help!  Laurence!”  His body stays limp. “Laurence, please.” Nothing. “I CAM FOR YOU!  HELP! Laurence!”

  I struggle and scream at him, but nothing happens.  He slumps in the chair.  Is he dead?  Is he really dead?  But he can’t be.

  Anger courses through my veins.  With all my strength, I tug on the chain.  I feel like my wrists are going to break, but I keep pulling.  The pain is unbearable.  The cool metal digs into my skin and pushes against my bone.  Laurence, I think, You’re doing this for Laurence.  I hear a clank noise and fell the chain fall off.  I drop to my knees.

  My heart pounds.  I scramble to my feet and run to him.  I can’t help the tears rolling down my face. 

  3 more steps.

  2 more steps.

  1 more step.

  There he is, right in front of me.  But he’s not just sitting on a chair, he’s tied to a chair.  The ropes are thick and tightly knotted. 

  “No…” I whine.  I yank one of the ropes, but they don’t budge. I look at Laurence’s limp body.  He is still dead, or maybe just unconscious.  I hope he’s just unconscious.   I choke on my tears and keeping trying to loosen the ropes, still hopeless.  I give up and kneel next to Laurence and lay my head on his lap, covering my face with my arms.  And I weep.  I weep for everything.  For my idiocy, for my stupidity, but most of all, for Laurence. 


  “Laurence!” I gasp.  He is looking down at me with his beautiful blue eyes.  What I love most about his eyes is that they’re not dead.

  “What are you doing here?  I thought—”

  I poke him to make sure he’s real.


  “It is you!” I embrace him in tight hug.  I give him the tightest hug in my entire life, but when I release, I see a note of worry in his eyes.

  “Jenna, you have to leave.”

  “Let me just untie you first.”

  “No, Jenna.  You don’t understand, You have to go.”

  “I am not going to leave you here.  Not tied up like this.”

  “But Jenna—”

  “Shh… Everything is going to be okay…”

  “Jenna, it’s a trap!”

  “What?”  Suddenly, the light turns off and I hear rustling on the floor.  Someone else is here.  I can’t see a thing in this stupid place so I can’t target the source of the noise—

  I’m violently shoved to the ground.  I feel the fat hand’s finger dig into my skin.  My head hits the floor hard as I hear Laurence shout, “Jenna!” and the light turns on again, this time even bigger and brighter than before.  I must squint my eyes in order to see without going blind.

  What I see is very unpleasant.  Laurence is still tied to his chair, but a silver knife is held to his throat.  The hand holding the knife belongs to the one and only:  Lucifer.

  “Ah, nice ta meet ya again, Miss Larcel.”

  “Why are you here?” I hiss.

  “Oh, ya still don’t know, do ya?

  “What are you talking about?”

  “You’re not dead!  None of us are!”

  “Impossible.  You’re lying!” I shout.

  “No…” Lucifer shakes his head and smiles. “The potion I gave Laurence here was not a death potion, but a sleeping potion.  Then I also stopped you from commitin’ suicide by shoving you down with a blow on your head.”

  My hand shoots to my left side of my head and I realize that that is why I have a headache.  I look at my fingertips and see them covered in blood.  My blood. 

  “Then, of course, Mr. Goodfellow woke up an was a nuisance, but by then, he was already tied up here.  So, just gave him some more potion and fixed everything.”

  “Jenna, RUN!” Laurence yells.

  “No, I’m not leaving you!”

  “If ya run, my lady, this here young this here young man will surely die.” Lucifer pushes the tip of the knife harder against Laurence’s neck, causing a drop of blood roll down his neck.

  I look from Laurence to Lucifer.  Lucifer is breathing hard and his eyes are wild.  Laurence is looking at me so intensely that I can almost read his mind.

  “You are a mad man, Lucifer,” I snarl.

  “I wasn’t the one who tried to commit suicide.”

  “You’re going to wish you did!” With that, I swing my fist toward his face.  The moment my hand hits him hard on the nose, Laurence jerks back and head butts Lucifer.  Lucifer collapses to the ground in unconsciousness.  His knife clatters to the ground and I snatch it up to cut the ropes.

  “Hold still,” I huff as I work at the ropes.  I move the knife in a sawing motion as fast as I can.  In just minutes, the rope breaks and falls.  Laurence stands and rubs his arms.  I can’t help the smile of relief that spreads across my face.

  Laurence looks to me and smirks, “Thanks for saving me there.”  He blushes.  “Right, okay.  We should find a way out before Lucifer wakes up.”

  He grabs my hand and we run through the darkness.  My heart is pounding in my chest and I hear our footsteps echo around us as we run away. 

  “Laurence, this is useless.  We don’t even know where we’re heading.  Let alone if there is even an exit.”

  I feel him stop running.  Even in the complete darkness, I can see his oceanic blue eyes.  He is so close that I can feel his deep breathing on my face.

  “We’ll find a way out, I promise.”

  “Don’t you think we have made enough promises today?”

  “I only promise when I plan to keep it.” He leans closer and whispers, “I’ll get you out of here even if it kills me.”

  I want to tell him to take it back.  Tell him that a life without him would be not life at all.  Tell him that I would rather die with him that live without.

  “Come on.” He clasps my hand is a firm hold and walks slowly as if sensing where he is going with touch and sound.  I just follow behind blindly, my whole body shaking with fear.

  I suddenly hear shouts and gunshots.  The world around us lights up with every shot, fireworks in the air.

  “TO THE GROUND!” I feel hands on my shoulders, forcing me to lay flat.  Laurence is down beside me, pushing me down.  I feel a sharp pain gaze my shoulder.  I cry out in pain and can feel the warmth of blood trickle down my arm. 

  “Get up, Jenna.  Run!  RUN!”

  I jump to my feet and I see more flares of light.  Every 2 seconds, I see Laurence running ahead of me.  Flashes.  Shouts.  Footsteps.

  “I see the exit!” Laurence yells.

  A flash.  I see it too.  It’s large metal doors with some contraption to the side.  It’s so close I can almost touch it—

  “AH!” I scream.  Another bullet strikes my shoulder.


  “I’m okay.  We have to keep going.  They are not far behind.”  I trudge forward and clench my teeth to help the pain.  Time seems to speed up because before I know it, Laurence says, “We are here.”

  More gunshots.

  “Quickly, we have to find the wheel that will open the door.” We both frantically feel around for something sticking out.  I stray to the left and Laurence strays to the right.  My hands are just waving in the air, uselessly doing nothing.

  More gunshots.

  I fight back tears and keep searching.  Suddenly, my hand hits something hard.

  “Laurence!  I think I found it!”

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