"'We'll find a way out, I promise.'
'Don't you think we have made enough promises today?'
'I only promise when I plan to keep it.'"

Everything in Jenna Larcel's life was going to be perfect, but when her fiancee, Laurence Goodfellow, makes a deal with a strange man, everything goes terribly wrong. Go back in the 1800s where mysteries roam and darkness fills all corners. And where no one can be trusted.


3. Jenna

   “LAURENCE!” I scream.  I weep into his body, his dead body.  “Come back,” I whimper. “Please.”

  “He’s dead.”

  I spin around and spy a man standing by the door. It was the same man I saw who Laurence was talking in front of my home.

  “You’re Lucifer, aren’t you.”

  “That one an’ only.”

  “You can fix him then? Bring him back?”

  “Ah, but that touching scene you two just had would have been for nothing.”

  “Tell me!  Tell me how to save him!” I glace back at Laurence’s limp body.  I feel a tear roll down my cheek.

  “To save a life, you must take one,” Lucifer says nonchalantly.

  “You are a cruel man”

  “Yup, but I’m also the one with your answer.”

  I look at Laurence.  His curly blond hair makes his lifeless blue eyes blaze in the little light in this room.

  “Why risk your life for his?  You have just been cleansed from your illness.  Don’t ya want ta live life to the limits?  Live life and become a rich woman with a handsome husband and have many kids?”

  I tear my eyes from Laurence and look at Lucifer.  “I cannot live a life without Laurence.” Tears fall from my eyes and land on my love’s cheek.  I brush his hair away from his eyes and kiss him one last time.

  Then, I say, brushing my lips against his, “You wait for me, cause here I come.”

  “What are you doing?”

  I stand up and reach into my dress sleeve.

  Lucifer's eyes widen and he starts pulling something out of his pocket, stepping toward me with his other hand outstretched. “What—”

  In one swift movement, I pull out a six-inch knife. It glistens in the candle light as I twirl it in my hand.

  “Are you crazy?” Lucifer shouts.

  “Some say so.”

  With that, I hold the dagger above my heart and take a deep breath.  Laurence’s words replay in my head.  We will meet again, my young Jenna.

  That sentence repeats in my mind.  Laurence’s sentence.  My Laurence’s sentence. 

  Before I can change my mind, I bring down the knife.  My whole body feels as if it is being ripped away.

  Here I come, Laurence, I think as the world around me disappears. 

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