Give Me Your Best Scare

Melinda Anderson has always been called nuts because she can comunicate with the supernatural. But when she wakes up in a strange place, her gift is the only thing that can save her. She most survive through different cahllenging levels of what seems like a video game of some sort. The funny thing is that it isn't a game, it's reality. Will she manage to survive this madness.


1. A new town, a new friend

Hi my name is Melinda Gillian Anderson but you can call me Mel if you want to. I am 19 and I just moved to a new town in Illinois called Pepper Ridge with my family. I have just resently gotten a new laptop for myself and I'm happy I did so. I like my new home a lot. It's around a heavily wooded area and its nice. I have also opened up a little music store near the square.  It is nice and peaceful. So anyway, I was at home on my laptop downloading things like games, apps, and other things I may need or looks cool when my phone rang. It was my mom. I picked up and she told me to meet her in the square and I said I would meet her there in a few minutes. I went downstairs to put on a jacket and a pair of sneakers. Then bolted out the door. In a few minutes I was in the square sitting next to my mom. "Sweetie, we need to talk." my mother said in a gentle voice. "Yah about what." I said sounding a little puzzled. "Well since we just moved here I was kinda thinkin' that you should go out and meet some neighbors or somethin'." "Mom, I am not a little girl anymore. I think I can speak for myself when I am ready to talk to people around here." "Yah I know honey, but you just seem so lonely and I just thought it would chear you up if you had a friend in this place." "Ok, well I guess I could do that. I mean I must admit, I am kinda lonely with my boyfrind not here and all, so I suppose I could need a friend." "Ok hun. I'm glad you agreed." "But mom, why did I have to come out here to talk to you about it?" "Oh I don't know. It's a nice day out here and I thought you would like a little fresh air." "That makes sence. Ok well bye mom. I love you." "Good bye sweetie. Good luck." "Yah thanks, I'll need it." I left my mom and I was hoping I would just bump into someone and they would become my friend. Yah like that's ever gonna happen. For some reason I have a hard time making friends. It seems as if when ever I tell a friend I can comunicate with the supernatural, they think I am insane and stop hanging out with me. You can just imagine how hard it is for me to find a boyfriend. I didn't want to look lost wandering the streets like this so I went to my store. Opened up and I got a costumer a few minutes after I opened up. It was a younge girl who looked about 17. She had long pink curly hair and was waring blue and white striped knee height socks, pink hightop converse, a pink, short overall dress and a sky blue bow in her hair. "Um can I help you with anything." I asked her. "Oh, um, yah. Can you help me find the violins." "Right over there." I say pointing to the violins. "Thanks." "Anytime." A few minutes pass and she comes back with a brand new pink violin. "Oh nice chioce. It works very well plus it's stylish." I say with a smile on my face. "Yah pink is my favorite color if you can't tell already." she says shyly. "Yah it's a nice color." I say to keep the conversation going. "So I see you like Three Days Grace." says the girl. I look down at my shirt forgettng I am waring a Three Days Grace T-shirt I bought at one of their concerts. "Yah I'm a huge fan." "Wow, what are the olds, so am I. You are probably the first person I've met who likes them, too." "Cool I was thinking the same thing." I exclaim trying to hide my excitement of maybe finding a friend. "Well my name's Pinkamena. But you can call me Pinkie. Everyone does." "Hi Pinkie, my name is Melinda but you can call me Mel." "Hi Melinda. You have a nice store if I may say so myself." Why thank you." "Yah it is nice." "So hey. would you like to go get something to eat with me because it's time for my lunch break." I ask her nicely. "Oh sure what are we getting?" "Your pick." "Really. Well I am kinda in the mood for chicken for some strange reason." she says softly. "Chicken it is then! My treat!" I practically scream. "No I can't let you do that." "No. Really. I will pay." "Are you sure." she asks. "Yes. In honor of me meeting a new friend in this town. You see I am kinda new here." "Ok then, if you insist." We walk out the door and head to KFC's.

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