Missing In Action

When 15 year old Mia is almost murdered, she finds her long lost parents. Her mother and her father are hiding a secret that she is almost literally dying to find out. Mia finds a girl her age, Isa, who helps her through one of the most important and dangerous missions Mia has ever encountered in her young life that is wasting away in a cell.
While there she wonders if she will stop breathing, too...
M. I. A.
i n c
s t
s i
i o
n n


2. Um, no.

“No,” I said, “Um, no. My mother hung herself after-“

“After your father died in the war?” She finished for me.

“What? How did you know that?”

“Because I really am your mother.” She paused, “Just let me tell you how, at the very least.”

I didn’t really think I wanted to know, but I nodded my head for her to go on anyway.

“Once Upon A Time there was a small country off the coast of Africa. There was a princess there that fell in love with a commoner, but their love was forbidden by the queen, her mother. The princess refused to believe that true love could be hindered. So she left, and disappeared, but only for a few days. For her to truly get away, she would have had to leave the country completely. She couldn’t do that. She was the one and only heir to that throne and she would not leave her country like that. Eventually, her mother found out that she had run away. She forbade her daughter from ever leaving the castle again. But too late her mother was, for she had already conceived a child. Her name was Amelia Asilynne Madison Tamervia. She was the new heir to the throne, next in line after her mother. Her little princess, her kidogo moja, was not safe, not on the island, called Tamervia, not anywhere near the queen. The princess knew that the queen would not hesitate to kill the kidogo moja. The princess knew that there was only one way to keep her daughter alive. She gave her to her sister, who had long since given up the throne because of, ahem, ‘stage fright.’ The sister moved her, the baby, and her husband to the United States. This was fifteen years ago. A few years after the great move, the husband went missing in a war.”

Funny. A lot like my dad.

“And the sister, well she...she....not important.” The woman said with a fake smile. “I sent an agent that day that you were seen in the park and-“

“Wait, wait, wait...” Was she saying... “The man at the park was your agent??”

The woman sighed. “Yes, dear. May I finish?”

I nodded brusquely.

“So after you told our agent-“

“’Our’ agent?” I asked.

She sighed again, even louder than before. “Yes, Mia, our agent. Anyway, you told our agent where youwere staying, and trust me, we were appalled, though, in retrospect, we shouldnt have been suprised given your appearance.”

That was the first time that I noticed that I was completley cleaned. Everywhere.

“Someone was listening in that day, some enemy of ours-“

There she goes with the ‘ours’ again.
“and they learned where you were staying, too. They almost beat us to you, but thankfully, they didnt. Oh, we are almost there!” The woman exclaimed looking at me all too exitedly.

“Um, almost where, may I ask?”



“Yes, yes. Tam-ow!” She exclaimed as the room suddenly shifted down and I realized that the velvet seats were actually airplane chairs. We were on an airplane. And we were crashing towards the ground. The plane lurched again, and the woman’s head flew forward colliding with the chair in front of her and she blacked out. And then she stopped breathing. I didnt have the strength to scream for help to anybody, and I was over come by a fowl emotion that could only be decribed as hurt and loss and fright.

I didnt have the strength to try to hold the woman’s body up as the floor came forward and grabbed her, pulling the lifeless body down under the rows of chairs and towards the front of the plane. There was nothing I could do, so i hunched over and hid my head under my arms, sobbing all the while. Suddenly, there was a cold, wet nose that touched my arm and startled me into looking up. A man was there, offering me a hand, pain evident on his hollow cheeks and bright green eyes, and his shaggy blonde hair was fallen recklessly over his face, as if he just didnt care anymore. But by the wrinkles and laugh lines on his face, the man had to be at least thirty if not forty. And you could tell that he’d seen many years of grief.

The plane lurched again just as the man let out a howl and I realized why. There was a man behind him holding a gun and he had just shot this man, in the foot, though I handt heard the blast. And then came another howl, this one from the man that shot the green eyed one, and I noticed a third man holding a gun. All this happened in a matter of seconds, and I was terrified into silence. Again, the plane lurched, and this time, my head fell forward and collapsed on the chair in front of me. I heard someone call my name, but I was too disoriented and my head was dizzy, and who to trust I didnt know. I felt blood trickle down my forhead and the warm liquid found its way into my eye. It was at that moment, that I wondered if I would stop breathing. If I would ever find out the rest of the story that the woman was trying to tell me. I wished that I handt interrupted.

What a strange thought for one to have right before they die. What a strange last wish. But I wanted to know. I really did. But then the blood dribbled onto the floor and it was the last image I saw before I blacked out.


I dont know how long Id been out, but I wasnt sure if I really wanted to know. There was no one in the room with me, and this was almost comforting. To be alone again. But I needed to know where I was, so I forced myself to slowly sit up....and immediatley I regetted it. My head was dizzied and my muscle were sore. My nerves were very shot at the moment, but id been through worse. I gathered what little strength I had left and pushed myself into a standing position. I walked to a small door. It was tiny and I suddenly giggled as a memory returned to me.

 I had once been walking along, on the side of the road, and there was a ditch nearby. I was younger, still newly a run-away orphan. I had jumped down in to the ditch, and something rather shiny had caught my eye. It was a cover a book, dirty and a little damp, with enough cleanliness that teh sun caught its beautifulness. I had seen books before of course, I wasnt stupid, but this one was unique. There was something about it that clicked with me, which struck me as odd because I could only read a few eccential words, and most of the letters of the alphabet and their sounds. I picked up the book and dusted it off, trying to read the title. “T...he Hobb....i...t,” I read. Looking back on it, its a miracle that I even knew those letters. The author’s name I couldnt read, and still dont know to this day, which is funny, because I learned to read on this book. I learned all the words and finally read the whole thing....and then read it again. And again, and again, and again until I had it all but memorized. Looking at this tiny door, it reminded me of a hobbit hole door.

I stumbled all the way over to the door, and flung it open with the last of my strength.

“Mia!” cried the green eyed man that Id seen on the plane. “What in the world are doing already out of bed?”

He walked with a slight limp, and he used a single crutch to walk, but other than that, there was no sign of any other injury.

“Wanted to see where I was,” I answered simply  and truthfully.

The man sighed. “Well, back to bed with you.”

I frowened, my eyebrow furrowed. His voice sounded....familiar. it sounds like my voice, I realized. So like mine, but....manlier and older.

“Are you....um related to me?” I asked.

Okay, confession time. My dad had gone off to war when I was a baby, and never came home for a visting. My aunt claimed that everytime he came, it pained him too much to function properly at his job when he returned. So I never actually really saw him, and I didnt remember what he looked like. And I was kind of hoping that this was him.

“Well, yes.” He said, looking rather uncomfortable.

“Daddy?” I asked with more glee leaking into my voice than I was comfortable with. I also heard a tinge of sandess laced within the glee, for my lost mother who hung herself because she thought my father was dead. My voice rung with the emotions clashing together and it echoed for some time before he finally answered, sounding suprised.


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