Missing In Action

When 15 year old Mia is almost murdered, she finds her long lost parents. Her mother and her father are hiding a secret that she is almost literally dying to find out. Mia finds a girl her age, Isa, who helps her through one of the most important and dangerous missions Mia has ever encountered in her young life that is wasting away in a cell.
While there she wonders if she will stop breathing, too...
M. I. A.
i n c
s t
s i
i o
n n


1. No one left

Nobody. Nothing. No one stepped out of the darkness that surrounded me. Engulfed me. Nothing said my name. There is no one here but me and the sewer rats. I'm invisible to everything in the world. People just ignore me like I'm some kind of spy on a mission that they know they shouldn't see but do any way so they avert their eyes.  

I live in a drainage pipe. So musty, any newcomer cannot breath. But I'm used to it. Everyday at noon I have to run along the twists and turns of pipe avoiding the drainage. But I guess it shouldn't matter if I avoid it or not because I have to drink this water everyday. I guess it would be kind of like a bath. But I don't have any use for those. Anyway, the water is so foul that it makes your lip curl, but you force yourself to drink it anyway because you don't want to dehydrate. I eat long dead sewer rats (who most likely died of the bacteria in the sewage, though its not string enough to kill me I don't guess) because I am starving for meat Nd have nothing to kill the live rats with. But I still hold out hope.

Hope of eating fresh food. Hope of drinking fresh water. Hope if getting out if here. To some where safe, I hope. Moving across the country and leaving this all behind, and most importantly, hope that my mother might someday return. 

But that can't and won't happen. She's long since killed herself when my father went missing in the war. I was taken to an orphanage, but no one would take me for fear that I, too, would hang myself like my mother, and cause their house to become a crime scene. So I ran away. Far away. The worst part was, no one ever tried to find me. But I left it all behind. 


Yesterday, at the downtown park, I met a man. His voice was so bittersweet, I had the impulse to kiss him, but I couldn't. He was married, better than married, he had two kids. At first glance you would notice he looked way too young to have kids of any number or age. But what do I know? I'm just a little no body. 

Something had clicked with me and this man yesterday though. This is who I was waiting for. Waiting in the sewer pipes where I lived. Yet, lying in the dark, I finally knew that it wasn't his footsteps that I heard echoing in the darkness and bouncing off walls like crazy, splashing through small puddles. Finally I knew how ignorant I was being. I knew because the man that stepped out of the darkness held a gun. A Glock, to be exact, and it was pointed straight at me. 

The man slowly pulled the trigger then shot something behind me. But I don't know why happened next, because there was a knife in my lower back pointing upwards towards my heart, and I blacked out.


"Wake up!" Sobbed a voice in my ear, "Please wake up..." 

I was awake, but in pain. A pain so unbearable I let out a low, howling moan that echoed across the almost empty room full of red velvet seats that held no occupants. 

"Where....am I?" I was gasping for breath. 

"You...you're awake!!" cried the woman, her voice for some reason filled with disbelief, then joy and giddiness.

"Who ARE you?" I repeated again, much stronger this time, because I was annoyed and not very sociable at the moment.

"I'm no one really," she said quickly, then mumbled, slower this time, "Just kind of your mother..." 

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