My Spark

Erika Wilson a normal girl with normal friends, Normal parents and lives in a normal town her only problem? She's in love with her best friend...

Niall Horan a famous boy with famous friends, Stranger like parents and lives on the road his only problem? He's in love with his best friend...

One thing they both have? A Spark they just have to ignite...


2. I Know Him

-Erika's P.O.V- 

We all sat at the newly set up tables. It was speech time. I look up at the table beside Maxwell was Harry he bit his lip and kept his eyes down he looked up at me staring into my eyes I nodded to him with a smile he looked back down I wanted to go up there and tell him everything was going to be ok but I couldn't. 
I politely listened to Eleanor's speech I clapped after as well because Im a good person.
I looked at Harry as he stood up he skimmed the crowd as he couldn't speak. 
His eyes locked with mine he kept looking into my eyes 
"Ever since I met Maxwell I knew he was the perfect guy for my sister. He would treat her like a princess in every aspect of everyday. They fit like a puzzle." He started I smile
"There comes I time in your life when you meet a girl and she makes everything ok. You know that no matter what you can't let her go. She is the Lilo to your Stitch, the Peter Pan to your Wendy the Sugar to your Tea. She just completes every part of your life." He spoke his eyes not leaving mine. He smiled 
"Though times get rough you know the only person you'll ever need is her. I think Maxwell is perfect for my sister now we can add the Gemma to your Maxwell to that list" he unlocks our eyes and turns to Gemma and Maxwell 
"I wish you both the best." He said Gemma stood up wiping the tears from her eyes and hugged Harry 
They sat and an applause rang out for Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn gave a standing ovation for him I stood up as well clapping everyone whistled it was clear everyone thought Harry's speech was better than Eleanor's. 

Everyone was up and socializing once more as they prepared the cake. 
Harry found me and hugged me 
"Thanks Rik." He said I hugged him back 
"Your welcome I told you it'd work." I said he smiled as we leaned away 
"You got rid of my nerves completely." He said 
"Yeah that was a beautiful speech." I said he smiled 
"I kinda thought of it off my head..." He said 
"It was beautiful." I said he nodded 
"Yeah...." He said 
"Really why can't you hang out with your own date?!" Jeanette came over and stood between me and Harry 
"I was just telling him his speech was beautiful no harm done." I said 
"There will be." She said 
"I'm sorry did you just threaten me?" I asked 
"I sure did so why don't you back the fuck off." She said 
"Fuck you." I said Harry tried to pull Jeanette away when she slapped me I lost it I ripped the pearl neck from her neck in my attempts to grab her 
"Niall!" Harry yelled I grabbed Jeanette's hair and pulled her away from Harry I pulled her to the ground she gasped and felt for her necklace as the pearls rolled away she grabbed my leg and pulled me down to the floor people were starting to stare now she got on top of my and scratched my neck I pushed her off of me she grabbed her head and hit it off the hard wood floor and got on top of her and punched her in the face we were pulling at each others hair when Niall pushed threw the crowed and grabbed my waist and pulled me off of her he held me against him 
"You crazy bitch!" She yelled 
"Suck it twat!" I yelled taking off my shoe and wiping it at her that's when Louis came over and grabbed my legs from thrashing my shoe hit her in the head so that was a good thing. Harry was helping her but I knew he was only being a proper date. I knew everything about him. I just flat out knew him. 
Niall and Louis carried me out to the front I took off my other shoe and whipped it at the closed door. 
Louis and Niall grabbed my arms 
"It's ok it's ok" Louis soothed 
"She's such a bitch! She doesn't deserve him!" I yelled 
"This is about Harry?" Louis asked 
"No it's about snobby bitches like her and Eleanor!" I yelled his jaw tensed 
"Louis I'm sorry." I said he shook his head 
"It's ok." He said 
"Lets get you home" he said as he looked down fixed my dress I looked up at Niall who just looked back at me. 
"Louis-" he cut me off 
"Do you want your shoes" he asked 
"No just leave them." I said I felt tears coming please don't tell me Louis was mad at me. 
I got into the limo Niall got in with me 
"I'll go back inside try to calm everyone down." Louis said Niall and I nodded he shut the door and that's when my tears started falling. I hid it from Niall wiping my eyes. 
Louis hates me. 
Gemma for sure hated me now. 
Eleanor was an enemy. 
Harry probably hates me. 
Niall probably thinks I'm a crazy bitch. 
Anne will be disappointed. 
Rumors of this will spread to the fans.
Fuck my life. 
How was I supposed to get out of this one? 

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