My Spark

Erika Wilson a normal girl with normal friends, Normal parents and lives in a normal town her only problem? She's in love with her best friend...

Niall Horan a famous boy with famous friends, Stranger like parents and lives on the road his only problem? He's in love with his best friend...

One thing they both have? A Spark they just have to ignite...


3. Hear Me Out

-Erika's POV- 

I heard knocking at my apartment door I grumbled and got up walking to the door. Yesterday was a disaster. I'm pretty sure I lost all of the boys as friends that day. Well apart from Niall he brought me home and stayed until I fell asleep. That's who was probably here. 
I opened up the door and saw Harry arms crossed across his chest I opened the door. I sighed 
"Come in" I said stepping aside so he could get in. 
"Gosh Rik you really made a mess of things last night." He said 
"I'm fine by the way thanks for asking." I said he stood in my living space I had almost no walls in my small apartment linking the kitchen and living room together my bed room was up a small set of stairs. I had a bathroom downstairs and one in my room. 
I walked into the kitchen I grabbed the jug of orange juice out of the fridge and unscrewed the cap and drank straight from it. 
Harry stood looking at me 
"What?" I asked 
"Do you know that Louis is mad at you?" He asked 
"Oh I got a pretty good hint at that one. Does Gemma hate me even more now?" I asked taking another drink
"What do you mean EVEN more?" He asked 
"Gemma? You didn't know she hated me?" I asked 
"Why would she hate you?" He asked 
"She thinks I broke your heart when we broke up." I said 
"It was mutual." Harry said 
"Tell her that." I said 
"You don't seem to affected by this." He said 
"I am Harry this is really upsetting me and I don't know what to do." I said 
"You can start by apologizing." He said 
"To who? Jeanette? Fuck that." I said 
"No not her, Louis, Eleanor.. So on." He said 
"What did I do to Eleanor?" I asked 
"You called her something rude I forget what you said..." He thought a moment 
"Snobby bitch." I said 
"Yeah why would you say that?" He said 
"You see the way she treats me Harry! Bitches like her deserve it and if you came here to try and get me to apologize to someone who deserves everything I said or did to her last night them leave because I don't wanna hear it." I said he looked at me with a confused look 
"Seriously hate me never talk to me again but I'm NOT apologizing." I said I put the orange juice back with a slam of the fridge door. 
As you have noticed I have quite the temper. 
"Rik have you stopped taking them?" Harry asked 
"Taking what?" I asked
"Your meds" he said 
"Don't mother me Harry." I said 
I had stopped taking my medication for my aggressive temper and mood-swings 
"You have haven't you.." He said 
"Go away." I said 
"Just go away." I said feeling tears coming 
"God why I'm I crying this is such bullshit." I said 
"Rik calm down I'll get you your meds where are they?" He asked 
"I don't want my meds!" I shouted he sighed he walk into the kitchen and checked the spot I usually hid them well the spot I used to hide them when I was with Harry. Harry was the only one who knows about my disorder. 
He went into the bathroom and checked my other spot and of course they were there he came back and got out the pills he ordered them correctly 
"I'm surprised you still remember how." I said he looked up at me and continued with the pills 
He walked over and got a glass of water and handed it to me with the first bit of pills I glared at him and then took all of them. I felt myself calming down. 
"Better?" Harry asked 
"Yeah but I'm still not going to apologize." I said 
"Do you not care about your friendship with Louis?" He asked 
"If Louis doesn't dump that dumb skank you guys are gunna lose him." I said 
"Now, I seriously don't think I need to apologize for sticking up for myself you saw what that Jeanette girl was saying to me how could you take her side?" I asked 
"I'm not" he said 
"Yes you are." I said 
"I'm not taking anyone's side I just think you should apologize for making a compete ass of yourself last night." He said I stared into his eyes as tears started to form I brought my hand up and smacked him I turned and went to go into my room when he caught my wrist 
"Let go of me." I said 
"No you have to hear me out." He said 
"Hear me out. Get the hell out now!" I yelled he shook his head 
"Not happening." He said 
I started punching him in the chest with my free hand 
He change that wrist 
"Just stop and listen to me!" He shouted 
"No. You lost that right." I said he just looked at me I ripped my wrists free and went up to my room I slammed my door and walked over to my bed and started to cry. 
That reminded me of when I was dating Harry.. The fights we used to have near the end I put my hands in my hair and cried violently I heard my door open and close which made me cry even harder. 

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