My Spark

Erika Wilson a normal girl with normal friends, Normal parents and lives in a normal town her only problem? She's in love with her best friend...

Niall Horan a famous boy with famous friends, Stranger like parents and lives on the road his only problem? He's in love with his best friend...

One thing they both have? A Spark they just have to ignite...


1. Gemma's Wedding

-Erika's P.O.V-


We pulled up to Gemma's wedding I got out we ran into the back door of the church me and the other bride's maids went back to get dressed I had to say bye to the boys as they were split from me. 

I slipped into my red colored strapless mid thigh length dress it was kinda poofy but not to poofy it had a white silk belt that was bowed at the back slipping into my white heels and held my white arrangement of white roses I took a deep breath when a knock on my door made me snap back into reality. I opened the door to see Niall looking dashing in a black tux with a red tie. 

"Ready?" He asked me Niall and I were walking down the isle together and all the other girls had their own boy. I smiled and took Niall's arm I sighed nodding we walked down the hall meeting up with everyone else. I took deep breaths tightening my hand on Niall's arm 

"Nervous?" He asked I nodded nervously I wasn't really good in front of big crowds espeacially crowds of 400. I don't know why Gemma invited 400 people I mean she can't know 400 people heck, Why'd she even invite m? She has hated me ever since me and Harry dated and she came home to me and him making out on the couch in "her" TV room. She doesn't even look at me. I mean when me and Harry broke up it was mutual and we were laughing and having fun 5 seconds later Harry tries to tell her to get off my back but she won't let up. Even with my heels on Niall was a few inches taller than me. My height wasn't fantastic standing at 5'7. 

"Everything is going to be fine Rik. Don't worry" Niall says 

"Coming from a guy who sings and stuff infront of thousands..." I said 

"Rik..." He said 

"Niall" I responded 

"Take a deep breath." Niall said as the doors opened. We followed Liam and Danielle out. 

"Niall, I don't think I can open my eyes" I said as we stepped out

"Then open them and look at me or my tie. act like your focused on something." He says I look at him and take his advice I focus my glance on his tie but my eyes travel up to his face like I wasn't in control of them anymore.  I mean Niall is beautiful and I know for sure thousands of girls would agree. I looked forward and my heart sank once I realized how close we were to the steps when I'd have to separate from Niall. I swallowed as we reached them I stood next to Danielle. Eleanor stood beside me, Me and Eleanor weren't really close either. At least Danielle would say hi to me. I think it's because one time everybody thought I had a crush on Louis and she got all territorial and hasn't liked me since. Did she really think I could over rate her and take Lou? I mean shes a shiny apple and I'm a potato. I looked over at Niall he gave me a incouraging smile and then the brides music started. I looked at Harry the only one wearing a red bow-tie to symbolize his roll of Best Man. Gemma walked out with her mermaid gown and beautiful vale. She had the signature Styles dimples and the amazing body of a Victoria's secret model. During the ceremony I was playing Temple Run in my rose erangement I heard quiet chuckles and notices the boys smirking at me. I suddenly felt like everyone could see me. Niall shook his head and mouthed "Your fine" to me I felt a sense of relief 

"You may now kiss the bride!" Finally Gemma kissed Maxwell and we were able to move on
Gemma and Maxwell walked out and we followed I felt so relived when my arm finally linked with Niall's once more. 
Gemma and Maxwell's limo took off everyone cheered for them I just stood looking at Niall. His beautiful face. 
He looked down at me and I looked down at his tie. 
The bridal party's limo pulled up we got into it. I sat with Niall and beside Harry between the two of them I didn't know Harry's date she was a black haired girl with striking brown eyes she seemed to be friends with Eleanor. 
I looked at Liam and Danielle they broke up a week before the wedding so they still had to walk together. 
"How was that game of Temple Run?" Louis asked me I looked at him and smiled 
Eleanor looked at me then Louis then me again she whispered so,etching in his ear and he dropped his eyes from mine. 
I sighed and looked down at my lap once more. Niall looked at me I saw it in the corner of my eye 
"Don't mind that Eleanor is really protective." Niall whispers in my ear Harry sighed and sank down in his seat and looked out his window. 
I looked at him and nudged his shoulder 
"Head up Haz your sister just got married you have a brother now" I said he smiled at me 
"So Harry are you gunna dance with Jeanette?" Eleanor asked dragging arrays attention away from me I swear she had it out for me. 
"Of course I am." He said Jeanette so that was her name. 
"Jeanette do you model with Eleanor?" I asked trying to me polite 
"What's it to you?" She asked 
"I was just asking a question." I said 
"Why I don't even know you how about you start by introducing yourself." She said 
"Hey easy." Niall said 
"Well god damn you'd think she'd know how to start conversation" she said 
"What's your problem?" I asked Niall tried to pull me back from moving closer to her 
"No Niall Im done with just taking bullshit shit from stuck up rich girls like this skank." I said Eleanor and Jeanette's jaws dropped 
"Like you said I don't know you you don't know me so what gives you the right to be a complete bitch to someone who is clearly just trying to be nice to you, Just because your rich and you can afford solid gold bracelets and rings with diamonds doesn't mean you get to put girls like me down so next time before you talk to me like that just think long and hard about this conversation because I swear to god talk to me or any of these boys in this car or anyone for that matter like that when I'm near you I swear to god and all things holy I will fuck you up." I said her and Eleanor just stared at me shocked I sat back in my chair crossing my arms I saw Louis' lips form a smile he looked like he was going to laugh so he sat back and covered his mouth Liam was smirking Danielle was smiling Zayn and Perrie were laughing so they had to hide their faces and cover their mouthes Harry and Niall were almost as shocked as Eleanor and Jeanette as long as I've known the boys I've never snapped like that. 
We pulled up at the reception building and each got ushered out by our escorts. 
Niall linked our arms and held out his other fist for a props. 
I props him as all the other guests arrived Jeanette and Eleanor tugged off Louis and Harry we joined with the rest of the bridal party that was smiling and hug fiving me. We went into the reception hall and got a table sitting down Eleanor was the Maid of Honor and since Harry was the Best Man they had to say speeches. As everyone went to the dance floor and started chatting around I stood with Perrie who was actually my friend, Zayn, Niall, Liam and Danielle we talked about the wedding and Gemma's dress and how amazing it all was 
"Oh god guys I'm nervous." Harry said joining the group 
"You'll do fine you've said speeches in front of thousands of people." I said 
"Yeah but that was thousands of teenage girls who have to love me. These are old people and they can hate me if they want." He said 
"Just look for us in the crowd." I said 
"Good idea." He said Jeanette came by and tugged him away smiling I rolled my eyes and picked up conversation once more. 

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