Is This What Love Feels Like?

Riley was just a 14 year old trouble maker in her school, West Bridge High. She was never popular or even loved after the passing of her father. Her mother had her up for hours, abusing her until she had bruises. She couldn't take it anymore so she ran away. Along the way, she met up with an unexpected stranger who offers her amazing things. What will Riley do?


3. remembering

*3 years later*



"I'm done making my bed, Ms.Ledair," I say to Ms. Ledair, the orphanage owner.

"Very well, Riley Jace," I hate it when she calls me my first and middle name.

"It's just Riley," I mumble under my breath.

"Pardon?" she asks sternly.

"Nothing," I say.

I walk back to my room and sit on my bed.

"Yes, Ms. Ledair. One Direction will be here shortly to hang out with the kids," Mrs. Munroe states. I've heard of One Direction. Pretty famous boy band from the UK and the one boy from Ireland. Theres a knock on the door and I run downstairs. I love it when people visit. I rush in front of Mia (Mrs. Munroe) and open the door.

"Hello, love. Mia. How are you girls today?"

"I'm great!" I almost shout. Whoops.

"Riley, why dont you show one of them around while the rest sign the papers?" Mia asks.


"I'll go," the blonde one says.

I show him around a bit and we start to chat. His name is Niall. 

"Haha," he laughs almost silently.

"What's so funny?" I ask smiling.

"It's just, a few years ago I found this girl in my house, and well, she looked a lot like you," he explained.

Of course I remember him, I mean, since last week when I saw One Direction on TV. Who wouldn't remember Niall freaking Horan?! I just didn't know it was him at the time. I guess I should tell you what has happened the past few years. 

Well after I ran away from Niall's house, I rushed to the police station. I quickly told them what happened and they found my mom and arrested her. After that, they considered sending me to live with my Uncle. Tristian but I refused because he lived too far away. I was NOT flying all the way to SmallTown. I mean seriously, SMALL is in the name! Nuh uh! Anyway, they didn't want me living on my own so after that my only option was an orphanage. Since then I've made great friends here. My 2 best friends are amazing. Kassidy and Logan. But there are also the depressed, dark, almost gothic kids, Trina, Dawn, and Brenden. A lot of people stereotype orphanages but they aren't really that bad. Like, there always has to be that quiet kid, and the super loud, annoying one. Well, I guess we have them too... Michelle is the quietest person you will ever meet. She's maybe said 5 words to me in the past 2 years. And Martin G. The most loud, obnoxious, annoying little twit you will ever meet in your ENTIRE LIFE! He's had a tough life though. His parents were murdered when he was 7 but he was able to call the police just in time. He's been here ever since. I love him like a brother through all his flaws.

"Hmmm weird," I say.

"Yeah. What did you say your name was again, love?"

SHOOT! What if he remembers me? I'm just not ready to be remembered. I don't want to.

"Jace," I say panicked. WHY DID I SAY MY MIDDLE NAME?!

"Oh, what a beautiful name!" he exclaims.

"Thanks," I smirk.

"Well, I'm going to go see how the boys are doing. Thanks for the tour, Jace. Maybe you can call me sometime?" He says while taking a pen off the counter and writing his number on my hand.


He exits the room, smiling back at me. Wait... he thinks my name is Jace... Oh well! That's what everybody calls me anyway so it should catch on easily. I just have to get use to it.



After 3 years I think I'm finally over Riley. I didn't really know her but she was beautiful and I wanted to help her. I am actually sort of afraid to get to know Jace because she looks so much like Riley. Riley, come back... What am I saying?!?! I like Jace now... not Riley.


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