Is This What Love Feels Like?

Riley was just a 14 year old trouble maker in her school, West Bridge High. She was never popular or even loved after the passing of her father. Her mother had her up for hours, abusing her until she had bruises. She couldn't take it anymore so she ran away. Along the way, she met up with an unexpected stranger who offers her amazing things. What will Riley do?


2. Need to know her

"Urraghhh," The boy groans.

"SHIT-" I cut myself off by biting my tongue. I hope he didn't hear that. The moaning continues. I see him sit up and stretch his arms out while yawning. I need to hide quickly. I open a door and crawl inside. Something falls on my head and I can tell its a jacket. It smells like cologne. It must be his. I gather up a few more jackets and throw them on top of me so im completely covered.

Thunk, thunk, thunk. Footsteps are coming towards the door. SHIT SHIT SHIT. I'm dead. The door opens and i scrunch my eyes and lay as flat as I can. The door automatically closes and i rise up quickly. I creak open the door and pop out my head. No sign of the boy. I rush out and look for a back door. 

"Excuse me?"

I stand there as frozen as ice. He caught me. I slowly turn around and start to cry.

"What's your name?" He says.

"Im sorry. Im so so sorry," I whisper while still crying. I open the back door and run away.

"NO! WAIT! COME BACK!" He yells while opening the door. "WHAT'S YOUR NAME?" 

"RILEY!" I shout.



I didn't know who she was or why she was there, but i knew her name. I needed to find her. I could tell she was in distress. 

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