Is This What Love Feels Like?

Riley was just a 14 year old trouble maker in her school, West Bridge High. She was never popular or even loved after the passing of her father. Her mother had her up for hours, abusing her until she had bruises. She couldn't take it anymore so she ran away. Along the way, she met up with an unexpected stranger who offers her amazing things. What will Riley do?


4. A call from her


I lock my car and head inside to my house. I unlock my phone and hope to see a new message from Jace. Nothing. I really hope she calls me. Even a text! I just want to talk to her. I flop down on the couch and flip on the TV. A few minutes into that my phone beeps. I unlock it and read the text.

'Hey! Is this Niall? Just making sure I got the right number! xx :)'

'Yes this is Niall! Jace? :D x'

I wait a few minutes for a reply, getting anxious.

'I'm sorry, who? This is Karmen. The girl from the club.'

Aw shit. I forgot about her. I was drunk and she started to dance with me so I went along with it. After that I gave her my number, not even thinking.

'Oh I'm sorry, I was just expecting a text from someone else..."

'That's okay. So do you wanna hook up later? x ;)'

'Sorry today isn't a good day. I'll um... i'll text you later. Bye.

After that I didn't get another text from her. I'm glad because I don't have ANY feelings for Karmen. Trust me. 

30 minutes later I was awaken from my nap with a repetitive buzzing of my cell phone.

"Mmm Hello?" I picked up the phone and said groggily.

"Uhm, hi. Is this Niall? This is... Jace" She says. When she says her name I pipe up off the couch.

"Yes! This is in fact Niall! How have you been Jace? Since you know, 4 hours ago." Was that to preppy? Oh well.

"I've been great! And you?"  She asks.

"Awesome now that you called," That was soooo lame. 

"Aww you're so sweet. So I was just wondering if you would like to go to the carnival today! My friend Kassidy bailed on me so now I have nobody to go with. I know it's sudden but I really wanted to go,"

"That would be amazing! What time should I pick you up?" I ask while pacing around the room.

"An hour?" She asks.

"Sounds good! See you then!"


"Bye, love," I hang up the phone and run into my room. I don't want to look like a total slob in front of her.




I hang up the phone and run into my room I share with Kassidy, Michelle and Trina . I DO NOT want to look like a total slob in front of him. I pull my white shorts out of the drawer and pull them on. Then I fling open my closet and pull out the purple lace spaghetti strap I got for my birthday last year from Logan. Logan knows me so well it's almost scary. I rush to the bathroom and don't realize it's closed. I slam face first into the hard wooden door and drop to the floor. Martin comes flying out of the bathroom and stares at me.

"Dude, the door was closed. You know that right?" He starts to laugh hysterically so I bite his ankle. "OW!!" He drops to the floor with me and continues to laugh out of control. I start to laugh with him and then Ms. Ledair comes upstairs.

"What are you two up to now?" She complains. We continue to laugh uncontrollably trying to squeak out words. All we managed to say was 'we, you, door, bla, fuuzzzz, haa, agrerrrr,blururr, ahahahahah. Eventually she leaves us alone and we manage to pick ourselves up. I open the bathroom cupboard and pull out my makeup. I put on some light brown eyeshadow and bright pink lipstick. I tie my hair up in a quick messy bun and grab my long, dark brown shoulder bag.

1 hour later I here a knock on the door and I run downstairs as fast as I can, knocking over Dawn, who swears at me on my way. I open the door to a beautiful blonde boy wearing shorts and a plain white V-neck. 

"Hey babe," he says.


"OK BE BACK BY 7 DEAR!" she shouts back.

"Off we go, Love!" he proclaims and grabs my hand. We skip to his car and he opens the door for me.

"Why thank-you Mr. Horan," I laugh.

"As you wish Ms. what did you say your last name was?" he asks.

"Tate," I reply.

"Ms. Tate," he says.

This was going to be the BEST.DAY.EVER.

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