Lillian Paynlinson

Hi. I am Lillian Smith, actually Lillian Payne. Liam was the best moment of my life. But, now Jaylin Payne is the best moment. Me and Liam had her a few years ago. One day Liam took me to see the rest of the boys. I met them all, and liked them a lot. But I loved Louis. I wanted to be with him. But what about Liam? I love them both.....


1. Meeting Liam

It all started as I was reading in a park. My little brother, Trey, grabbed my book and threw it right over the fence. I was about to get it and then Liam said: "I'll get it, young lady." I said thank you and he jumped over the fence to get my book. It only took a few seconds. "I got it!" Liam exclaimed. He handed me the book, and I said: "Thank you. What is your name?" He said "Liam". I liked that name. "Whats your name?" Asked Liam. "My name is Lillian. Nice to meet you!" I answered. "You have a very pretty name, Lillian." Said Liam. "Would you like to go out with me sometime?" Liam asked. Of course, I answered Yes. He took me over to "Spin", a frozen yogurt place. I LOVE frozen yogurt. Liam and I shared a cup of frozen yogurt. Chocolate with sprinkles! And gummi bears! EVERYTHING! After we finished, Liam stared into my eyes, with a smile. I did the same. Liam kissed me on the cheek, and took me home. We loved each other since then.

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