Lillian Paynlinson

Hi. I am Lillian Smith, actually Lillian Payne. Liam was the best moment of my life. But, now Jaylin Payne is the best moment. Me and Liam had her a few years ago. One day Liam took me to see the rest of the boys. I met them all, and liked them a lot. But I loved Louis. I wanted to be with him. But what about Liam? I love them both.....


2. Liam's Thought

I was amazed by her beauty. Her hair, her eyes, her lips...... I loved Lillian. She is sweet, corageous....... She is just amazing. She is my everything. I almost started singing to her. And when I dropped her off at her house, she gave me a tour. It was HUGE! It was like a mansion. Is she famous? I mean, seriously, she had a big fountain inside her house! 2 curvy sets of stairs! And the balcony.... Wow..... the beautiful smell of flowers. Lillian had 6 pots of flowers on the balcony. She showed me her room,  Wow! It was twice the size of mine! It had a king size bed with a shower with diamond studs. Well, not real diamonds. But you know what I mean. When I came out of the house, I hopped into my car and went to my house. My house was way different. My living room had a coffee table, not a fountain. There was only one set up straight stairs, not 2 curved ones. My bed was a twin size bed, not king size. My shower was plain white, not diamond. Someday.... When Lillian and I get married..... I will live there. Maybe with a child, too.

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