Lillian Paynlinson

Hi. I am Lillian Smith, actually Lillian Payne. Liam was the best moment of my life. But, now Jaylin Payne is the best moment. Me and Liam had her a few years ago. One day Liam took me to see the rest of the boys. I met them all, and liked them a lot. But I loved Louis. I wanted to be with him. But what about Liam? I love them both.....


3. Age 21....

I was sitting and reading on the bench, as usual. I was sitting there... Just sitting there, reading a book. But, Liam came in a nice tuxedo. What for? I was really confused. Don't get me wrong, I like it, but I'm confused. Still. Liam ran to me. "Lillian! Lillian!" Liam shouted. "Hi baby, why so fancy?" I said. He didn't answer. He kneeled down. He had a ring. "Will you marry me, Lillian?" Liam asked. I was speechless for a minute. "YES!" I exclaimed, then hugged him.

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