this is a story about 2 girls rose & katie they are best friends they love one direction , oe day thier dream will come true they will meet one direction but later on katie will develope diffrent fellings for her friend rose will rose feel the same? keep reading to find out


1. surprise

katies pov

i was in my room thinking about my friend rose she was so pretty i love her hair and eyes i just love every thing about her ugh just then i was brought out of my thoughts when my mom called me to come down stairs i went down and she said i have a surprise for you what? i said so confused here just open it she handed  me an envolope i opened t and their were 1D meet & greet tickets OMG!!!!! thank you so much i gotta go call rose

roses pov

i was in my room i just got back from vocal lessons and my phone rang hello i said it was my est friend katie

(katie-k rose-r)

K-HI gess what?

r-what? and calm down you sound over welmed

k-well i just got meet & greet tickets to see1D

r-omg take me wth

k-dont worry your going with me k

r -k

k-come over now and tay the nigt oh and its tomorrow bye

r- bye

*call ended

i went down stairs and told my mom she said yes so  went up stairs and got my stuff and left for katies


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