Forgetting One Direction. (Finished)

Skylar Jones, 18 year old directioner. she could never afford tickets to see them, but when she wins a contest for 2 concert tickets, shes thrilled. she takes her best friend Abby, but things don't go as expected.

This Storey is finished, please read the sequal 'Living With One Direction.'


18. waking up.

i woke up. the window between me and zayn was still open. i was watching him sleep. awww. i thought. he's so cute when he's sleeping. then he snoored. okay maybe not so cute.

i closed the window and put the curtan up on each window. i went into the dresser. oh yeah. no slothes i walked out of my room, and abby was there too, we both screamed the same thing.


i guess that woke up all the guys, because they all got out of there rooms.

"why are you guys yelling?" harry asked.

" i think they said chicken prime.." niall said.

"oh niall you always think about food." louis said.

"no guys, i was awake doing my hair, they said  'shopping time.' you know, cause' they have no clothes.." ayn said.

"do you guys need money?" niall asked.

we both nodded.

they all went into their rooms and threw us all there wallets, and they all said at the same time "NOW LET US SLEEP!!!"

we took all 5 wallets and drove to a expensive fashion store (what? their rich!) and baught everything cute and went back to the house.

we both put our clothes away and got dressed.

i went into my room, put on a white off the sholder shirt, with red pants, and put my hair in a high bun, abby came out with a pink dress, with a brown belt. her hair was striaght and in a said braid.

all the boys came out. turns out me and louis matched. he wore his white shirt and red pants. we looked at each other and at the same time said "IM NOT CHANGING YOU ARE!"

"fair enough." louis said.

we both walked into the kitchen for breakfust. louis grabbed carrot pops (new addition to corn pops) and i grabbed caption crunch.

everyone else came down and ate differnt breakfusts. exept liam. he had caption crunch too.

"are you the caption crunch theif>" he asked me with a smile.

"yes! and im here to steal all your caption crunch!" i said.

we both laughed.

"can you call him now?" i mouthed to abby.

"fine!" she mouthed back while rolling her eyes.

she went into the living room. i followed her. she put it on speaker so i could hear too.

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