Forgetting One Direction. (Finished)

Skylar Jones, 18 year old directioner. she could never afford tickets to see them, but when she wins a contest for 2 concert tickets, shes thrilled. she takes her best friend Abby, but things don't go as expected.

This Storey is finished, please read the sequal 'Living With One Direction.'


9. waking up.

i woke up. i was in a hospital bed.

"what am i doing here?" i asked.

only abby and harry were awake. they were talking.

"one sec sky, im talking to harry." she said to me.

"gee thanks i wake up in a hospital bed and i see you talkig to harry styles." i said.

a minute passed with no one talking.

"WAIT YOUR HARRY!" i yelled.

"you remember everything?" abby asked.

"all i remember is i got hit by 1D's tour bus and i woke  up here..." i paused.

"oh my god." i said.

"ya and we are staying with them for as long as we like harry said!" abby told me.

"okay im dreaming!"i said.

"no your not! i can't belive it either." abby said.

"how long are we staying again?" i asked.

"as long as we like!" abby said with a huge grin.

"it's true." harry said.

i looked at my leg.

"why is my leg in a cast?" i asked.

"you broke it" abby said.

"well i know that.. but how?" i asked.

"you got shoved by that guy who said he always has arm spazzems and you fell on your leg and it broke and you were leaning forward to put presure on it and the bus hit your head and it stoped and here we are!" abby said.

"wow." i could not belive it.

the rest of the boys woke up.

"are you sure this is not a dream?!" i asked.

"100%!" she said.

i was really in a room with 1 Direction.



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