Forgetting One Direction. (Finished)

Skylar Jones, 18 year old directioner. she could never afford tickets to see them, but when she wins a contest for 2 concert tickets, shes thrilled. she takes her best friend Abby, but things don't go as expected.

This Storey is finished, please read the sequal 'Living With One Direction.'


22. trying to decide.

liam took me home. and i went into me room. i closed the windows and put the curtains up. i was trying to decide, and i don't need 2 of the 3 boys, i was deciding from hearing.

"ugh!" i said as i flopped onto my bed.

niall was so cute! i loved his laugh. he's the kind of guy i would need when i'm upset or down.

but zayn, i feel like i could talk to him about ANYTHING. he was so adorable.

and liam. he is so sweet, and consiterate, and he was oh so amazing.

i needed to talk to someone. a GIRL someone. i texted abby to come into my room so we could talk.

2 minutes later she walked in saying "what happend?"

"trying to decide." i said.

"between the 3 boys?" she asked.


"were where you, you were gone for hours."" i said.

"me, and harry and louis went to the carnavle. harry won louis a stuffed panda. i swear louis tagging a long is like he is a kid and me and harry are the parents!" she said with a laugh.

i laughed to.

"who do you think i should go with?" i asked her.

"go with your gut." she said as she put her hand on my knee.

"but my gut is not TELLING me anything!" i said.

i lied down on the bed.

"why don't you go on a date with each of them, and then after the dates, you can decide who you had the most fun with." abby said.
"that might be a good idea." i said.

i asked the all on dates. they all said yes. my date with niall was in 10 minutes, my date with ayn was after, and my date with liam was last.

liam was the only one i told my plan. he seemed fine with it.

i got ready jiall was waiting at the door with a rose. all the other people went to the movies, so me and niall were the only ones there.

"hi." i smiled.

"this is for you." he handed me the rose.

"thanks!" i kissed him on the cheak.

"were are we going?" i asked as we got into the car.

"we are going to well you will see." he said.

"okay." i said.

nill took me to a felid, and there was a violine playing and a picknick set out.

"i should have known there were food." i joked.

"yeah.." niall said with a laugh.

we ate the picknick and we were just sitting there, stairing at each other.

"you know that you are extreamly beautiful?" he told me.

"and you, and extreamly handsom." i said as  i snuggeld into him.

"would you like to dance?" niall asked.

"sure!" i said.

we went into the middle of the felid and slow danced. to the violine.

it was 1pm already.

 i looked at the time.

"i have to go!" i said.

"were are you going?" he asked.

"somewere. i will see you soon." i ran and blew him a kiss.

as i ran niall said

"wow this is a cinderella story, wene people said i will find my princess, they were not joking." he said.

i ran back to the house. fixed my hair, re-applyed lipstick, and went down stairs. soon enough zayn was waiting there for me.. all by himself.

"hi!" i said with a big gron.
'hey." he said.

"were are we going to the backyard." he said.

okay a little less romantic.

we went outside and it was beautiul, he set up a dream date! a band playing, and a dico light, and a dance floor.

"wow." i said.

okay maybe a little more romantic.

me and zayn danced, and a slow ong came on. he held me close, then i relised, it was 3pm. time for m date with liam.

"i had an AMAZING time." i said with a smile.

"were are you going?" zayn asked me.

"somewere. i will meet you later? okay? bye. i hugged him and went upstairs to the bathroom.

i fixed my hair. again, and re-applyed my eyeshadow.

liam was outside the bathroom waiting for me.

"hi." i said.

"how did the other dates go?" he asked.

"let's not worry about that. anyways. let's go." i said with a smile.

liam took me into a room i hadden't seen before in the house. all it was, was a couch, a music player, a lava lamp, and a T.V.

"i've never been in here." i said.

"it's my alone place, were i go when i need to cool off." he said while blushing.

"well. i love it." i said as he looked up.

we sat on th couch and watched a romantic movie. we were snuggling. then after we played a slow song and danced close.

what i noticed is that in every date, we slow danced.

or date went on for 2 hours. so it was 5.

"i should probably go." i said.

"yes. to decide." liam said as he winked,

i ran out with a big grin. i went into my room.

i think i know who i will choose.

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