Forgetting One Direction. (Finished)

Skylar Jones, 18 year old directioner. she could never afford tickets to see them, but when she wins a contest for 2 concert tickets, shes thrilled. she takes her best friend Abby, but things don't go as expected.

This Storey is finished, please read the sequal 'Living With One Direction.'


17. Questions.

it was midnight.

"guys we should probably go to sleep now!" i said

"fine!" all the boys mummbled.

all the guys went to there rooms, but me and abby stayed on the couch.

"hey abb, so you and harry have, like a thing?" i asked.

"well yeah! he asked me out the day of! we were ment to be together, i told you!" abby said.

"so do you like anyone?" abby asked.

i lied and said no. no matter how much i love abb's, she can not keep a sercret. i like zayn, liam, and niall! is it bad that i like more then one guy?

"for a second i thought you liked liam."  she said.

"uh... well do't tell anyone my liking status, cause' it could hurt someone's feelings." i said.

"uhm,  i'll try." abby said.

"ABBY!" i yelled.

"shhhh." my harry is sleeping, abby said.

"wow." i said.

"you gotta PROMISE that you wont tell." i said.

"why is this so important?" she asked.

i wanted to tell her the truth. that i like all 3, but hat would not last log, i wanted to tell her that liam was 1 of the ones i liked. but i said "because.. i want to make sure i can trust you. you did tell my other secrets." i said.

"wow." she said.

"i'm sorry but, just you told them i had a crush on liam." i said.

"i'm sorry. i promise i wont tell." she said.

"thank you.

"who do you think was the guy who said he has 'arm spazzems' anyways?" abby asked.

"i don't kow. he had tan skin, was a couple inches taller than me. wearing a black coat like the one i got tommy......" i said.

"TOMMY'S THE ONE THAT PUSHED YOU!!" abby screamed.

"SHHH!!" i said.

"sorry." she replid.

" i wounder why...?" i asked.

"ask him. call him." abby said.

"no he hates me, he hates liam.... YOU HAVE TO CALL HIM!" i said

"shhh!" abby said.

"sorry..." i said.

"fine i'll do your dirty work for you." abby said.

"yay!" i handed her my iphone.

she gave it back. " no. i'll do it tommorow." she said as she walked up the stairs.

"fine." i replid.

i walked into my room. the window between me and zayn was still open, the one betwee me and niall was closed.

zayn was on his phone. i jumped on my bed still in my clothes.

"hey." zayn said.

"hi.." i said

"what's wrong?" he asked sitting up.

"i think tommy's the one who pushed me..." i said

"what makes you think that?" zayn asked.

"he looked... like tommy." i said.




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