Forgetting One Direction. (Finished)

Skylar Jones, 18 year old directioner. she could never afford tickets to see them, but when she wins a contest for 2 concert tickets, shes thrilled. she takes her best friend Abby, but things don't go as expected.

This Storey is finished, please read the sequal 'Living With One Direction.'


2. Finding the information.

" Find out when, and were. abby said.

"i'm trying, i'm trying!" i said.

i found out the information.

"when: this saterday at 2pm. were: at the Local Merlin Theatre." i told her.

"their doing it at the theatre?" she asked.

"i guess so." i shrugged.

" they have never preformed at a theatre." she said.

"hey, inlest the theatre is only an hour away." i said.

"true." she said.

"well, It's thursday today, so in 2 more days, WE'RE MEETING ONE DIRECTION!" i yelled.

"woo!" she said with a big grin.

"are we just going to see the consert or are we meeting them or what?" she asked.

"well; it says here, that we go to the consert, i paused; and that's it." i said.

"only the consert? oh well inlest we get to meet them." Abby said.

"i still can't belive it!"  yelled.

"wanna know what?" abby asked.

"what?" i replid.

"i feel like..." she paused.. she went on her phone.

"you feel like going on your-" she cut me off.

"wait for it!" she told me.

she turned on 'live while were young' by one direction.

"DANCING!" she yelled as she got up and dance to the music.

"woo!" i yelled.

i got up and danced too.

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