Forgetting One Direction. (Finished)

Skylar Jones, 18 year old directioner. she could never afford tickets to see them, but when she wins a contest for 2 concert tickets, shes thrilled. she takes her best friend Abby, but things don't go as expected.

This Storey is finished, please read the sequal 'Living With One Direction.'


5. Finally Getting There.

"are we there yet?" Abby asked over, and over, and over.

finally, i could said yes.

"yes we are!" i yelled in happyness.

we pulled into a parking spot.

"why are we parked so far away?" abby asked.

"because there were not good parking spots left." i said.

"oh." she replid.

"looks like it will be a 5 minute walk." i said.

"no problem." she said.

we got out of the car and started walking.

"i cant wait, we are going to be in the front row, and Harry is going to pull me up on stage and kiss me and we will get married and-" i cut her off.

"you really have this planned out don't you?" i asked.

"yup. so who is your favorite?" abby asked me.

"um, i don't know." i said.

"HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW?!" she asked.

"i like all of them." i said.

"well harry is mine." she joked.

"wont you have to find out their personalitys?" i asked.

"sure." she replid.

"sure?" i laughed.

"yup!" she said.

we finally got in front of the theatre. we could see their red bus coming.

only one thought on my mind.

this was gonna be amaZAYN

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