Born To Be Somebody -Harry Styles Love Story- Completed

Destiny,Jamie and Sam are normal teenage girls.Or so you may think they are but Destiny and Sam have brothers who are really famous.But at school they are all treated the same which is fine by them. During her journey in London with her friends, they meet the famous British Boy Band. What will happen next?♥
Enjoy the story:)


80. Chapter 76

Destiny's P.O.V

"I'm still psyched about you two being here." I smiled hugging the girls for the hundredth time. "Yes. You've said that. It's starting to get a little old." Sam said and I laughed pushing her lightly.


We're at Hollywood's finest beach resort. We went back to the hotel to get our bathing suits and came back with Mom and Mike. "Come on guys. Let's play ball." Kevin called out holding a beach ball.


I put my sunglasses on my head and got into the pool. As soon as I got in the ball hit my head and I looked up seeing Kevin and Joe laughing at me. "So is this a challenge now?" I asked and they smirked. "Your on suckers." I said. "Do your best to lose." Kevin grinned.


"Girls your in my team." I called out and they got in. "Even though you have more girls your team is still going down." Nick said and the girls and I laughed. They're in big trouble. Back in Minnesota the girls and I play beach volleyball every summer while the boys play basketball.


"I'll be in the guys team then." Mike jumped in and the girls and I gave him the look. "What? You think a bodyguard has never played volleyball before?" He asked and we shrugged.


I served it and it went straight past their heads. "Woo. We got one already." We cheered and high-fived each other. The games had just begun.


Harry's P.O.V


I just can't read anymore of these but I just want to know what people think of me now. I kept scrolling down and reading all those negative comments about me. I have been recieving a lot of hate on Twitter, Facebook, it just never stops.


It's like everywhere I go it's there. This is the first time something like this has ever happened to me and I don't like the feeling of being hated.


Some of my fans have turned on me and saying that they hate me. There were some positive ones but it does not compare to the negative ones. I remembered when I got hated for being a womaniser and Destiny told me to don't believe that crap and I actually listened to her. She stuck up for me and I really thanked her for that.


The people that had positive tweets we're mostly Taylor's fans maybe it's because it's their idol. They hate me but they don't know what's the story behind all this. Only if they knew what is actually going on then I won't be receiving this much hate everyday.


It's sad to wake up in the morning and reading those bad comments. I wiped a tear away as soon as I heard someone walk in. "Hey mate, wan-"


"Are you okay, mate?" Liam asked. I nodded quickly sniffing a little. Liam grabbed my phone and he started scrolling. "Mate, why are you reading this? These people are just mad thinking why would you date her but the thing is they don't know the real story. Just don't let what people say bring you down mate. This happened before and you didn't let it get to you-"


"That's because Dest helped me through it." I frowned. "Then you need to do it again. Whether there's Dest or no Dest you can still do it. Your brave enough, mate." Liam said handing my phone back.


I patted my shoulder. "C'mon mate. Let's go out and try to get your mind of that." Liam said and I nodded and went to the bathroom to clean my face.


The tweets kept coming back in my head replaying over and over again.


How can you not love #Haylor? They're so freaking cute together.


Everytime I see a picture of #Haylor I get sick...#NoOffense.


I'm sure #werespecthaylor is the the biggest lie we've ever tried to tred. I'm sorry but it's true.


I HATE HAYLOR more tha I HATE management.


Haylor is the BIGGEST BULLSHIT that I ever heard.


@Harry_Styles you liar


#WeRespectHaylor how about no?


#WeRespectHaylor people like this should get punched.


@Harry_Styles I hate you

There we're just so many. I turned off the sink and dried my face with the cloth. I walked out and put on my jacket. I just wish Dest was here. I miss her so much. I just hope she knows that I still love her.


Destiny's P.O.V

"You guys lost!" I screamed and the girls jumped up and down in the pool. "If it wasn't for the water we would've won." Nick tried to defence himself.


"Okay, let's not play the blaming game now." Demi laughed and we got out of the pool.


I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around me. "I'm hungry." I said. "Me too. How about we go get changed and then get something to eat?" Joe asked and we all nodded.


We all went to the showers and Jamie and I shared one since there were just three showers. 


"Did the boys drop you two off to the airport?" I asked and Jamie and Sam nodded. "Oh and Spencer's there. He got there yesterday. He's hanging out with the boys." Jamie said and I smiled. 


I missed Spencer. He's one of Carlos' best friend from Texas. When Carlos' was working on BTR while Spencer got a role on Lab Rats. "Oh and I kinda told the guys that your you know." Sam whispered and I nodded. "Don't worry. Demi and the guys know. I told them a few days ago. Just in case they might hit me and something might go wrong." I said and they nodded. 

We were at Denny's getting something to eat. Mom and Mike are ordering the food and the rest of us were sitting down talking about random things. Demi wanted Mom to dip dye her hair blue and mine dip dye pink. 


"Here you go." Mom said holding a tray of food and Mike came with the drinks. "Eat up guys." Mike said and we all got our food and started eating.



I am having the best day of my life.













A/N: This is so crazy!! What do you guys think? P.S Those we're all real tweets! Please leave a comments below and I will update soon! Stay Beautiful :) x

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