Born To Be Somebody -Harry Styles Love Story- Completed

Destiny,Jamie and Sam are normal teenage girls.Or so you may think they are but Destiny and Sam have brothers who are really famous.But at school they are all treated the same which is fine by them. During her journey in London with her friends, they meet the famous British Boy Band. What will happen next?♥
Enjoy the story:)


74. Chapter 70

Destiny's P.O.V


I yawned and got up. I looked over to my mother's bed but she wasn't there.


I walked out the door and went to the kitchen sitting on the dinner table. "Oh morning sweetie. You hungry?" Mom asked and I nodded. "I'm starving." I said and she laughed. She went and grabbed my food. "You ordered room service meal?" I asked and she nodded. 


I dug straight into the food and it was like heaven. "Mmm. This food is amazing!" I sing song and Mom laughed.


There was a knock on the door and I looked. "Oh great. You ordered another room service meal." I said and Mom shook her head. "N-no. I didn't order anything." Mom said walking over to the door.


She opened it and there stood none other than Mike. I could just see my mother's face right now. Did I mention she was still wearing her robe? Yeah well she is. "Uh- uhm. Hey." She said and I really wanted to laugh right now. 


"Hey. Uh..was I too early?" He asked. "Ye-No. No your so fine." Mom said and I blocked my mouth so I won't burst. "What?" Mike asked. "Uh-sorry I meant it's fine. Y-your on time." Mom said and I could just imagine her face-palming right now.


"Oh okay. Can I come in?" He asked. "Oh yeah." Mom stood behind the door and Mike made his way in. "Hey Kiddo. So you just had your breakfast?" He asked and I nodded. "Want some?" I asked. "No I'm good. Chris and I stopped over at a cafe and got something to eat." He said and I nodded.


"I'mma go change." Mom said rushing off to the room. I laughed and Mike sat down across from me. "What's up with your mother?" Mike asked. "She has a gigantic crush on you." I said and he laughed. 


"She does?" He asked and I nodded. "I bet she's in the room cussing herself out." I said and Mike chuckle. "Wow. You know your mother really well." He said. "You betcha." I said standing up. "I'mma go get ready." I said and he nodded.




"Are we good to go?" Mike asked and we nodded. 

We walked through the lobby and outside. Mike opened the door and Mom and I got in. "Okay ladies. Hold on to your seats cause this is going to be a bumpy ride." Mike said and I grabbed onto Mom.


"He said seats not your mother's arm." Mom said and Mike laughed. Soon Mike zoomed off and I bit my lip so I won't scream.




"Here we are ladies. Safe and sound" Mike said and I looked at him as if he was crazy. "Are you nuts? We nearly got arrested." I said and he sighed. "I know. The only thing that matters is that you made it." He said and I rolled my eyes.


He had to give his licence to the cop and luckily we didn't get arrested. I didn't come all the way here to get arrested.


Mike opened the door and Mom and I jumped out. I looked up and the building was huge. I took in a deep breathe and Mike lead us in.



Mike knocked on the door and it swung open. "Come on in." A man said and I did as told. "Take a seat." He said and Mom and I sat down. 


"So you finally made it." He said and I smiled. "I'm Eddie De La Garza. You must be Destiny's mother." Eddie said and Mom nodded. "You can call me Amber." Mom said and he nodded. "Nice to meet you. Okay so let's get down to business. So I spoke to a friend of mine and showed him your videos and he said that your going to be the next big thing. So I thought I'll give you this opportunity." He said and I nodded.


"So how about you sing us a few songs and we'll see what happens." He said and I just nodded. Mike handed me a guitar and I started strumming. I'm a bit nervous and I was thinking to start with Demi Lovato's song from Camp Rock.


Here goes nothing...











A/N: AAAHHH! How do you guys love this so far? I want to read your thoughts. Just leave comments below and I will update soon! Stay Beautiful :) x



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