Born To Be Somebody -Harry Styles Love Story- Completed

Destiny,Jamie and Sam are normal teenage girls.Or so you may think they are but Destiny and Sam have brothers who are really famous.But at school they are all treated the same which is fine by them. During her journey in London with her friends, they meet the famous British Boy Band. What will happen next?♥
Enjoy the story:)


71. Chapter 67

Destiny's P.O.V


"Thanks Mom for the lovely dinner." I said standing up and walking over to the sink. Everyone started finishing up their meals and I started washing the dishes. "Guess what's for dessert?" Mom asked. "Is it monkey balls?" Sam asked. "Ew dude gross." Mom said and we started laughing. "It's your favourite dessert that I made ever since you guys were little kids." Mom said and our eyes widen.


"Is it Strawberry chocolate?" I asked and she nodded grabbing it out of the fridge. "Tada!" She said. 

"Yum! I'm hungry!" Jamie said rubbing her tummy. I left the dishes to dry and Mom was serving it. We started eating away in chocolate land while the TV was on. We were watching 'The Conjuring' Yep! It's a horror alright.


Jamie screamed when the door closed and the lady fell down the stairs. "You know what that's enough. No more horror movies." Mom said taking the movie out. "But Mom that was the most interesting bit." I whined. "Nope. Let's watch something more entertaining." Mom said. The movie started and I already know it was 'Pitch Perfect' because of the musical entry.


"So, did you tell Harry about the baby?" Mom asked and I shook my head. "Why not?" Jamie asked. "I decided that I should keep it between us because I don't want Harry's career to be messed up." I said and they all stared at me as if I'm stupid.


"Honey, Harry has the right to know." Mom said. "I know Mom but I don't think this is the time." I said. "Well can we tell the boys?" Sam asked and I nodded. "You can tell the boys just not Harry. I don't know how he would react to it so it's best to not tell him." I said and she nodded. 


"Thanks for the dessert Mom. I need to go to bed." I stood up and took my cup in the kitchen and walked upstairs to my room. I closed the door behind me and turned off the lights so now it's only the lights that I used to decorate my room is on.



My bedroom door opened and Sam walked in. "Hey, you okay?" She asked walking with something in her hand. "Yeah. Why wouldn't I be." I smiled. She came and sat down next to me. "I just thought you were mad about letting Harry know that your pregnant." She said. 


"I'm not mad. Harry's enjoying his life with Taylor and I bet he's not wanting to hear about him having a kid." I said and she nodded. "Yeah, I get what you. I mean if I had Zayn's baby and he didn't know I will probably just raise the baby myself because I won't want to mess up his life s well." She said and I nodded.


"Exactly." I smiled. "Hey, I got something for you." She said and I raised an eyebrow. "Really?" I asked. "Mhm. Tada!" She said holding up a photo album and it read 'Darry Moments.' My eyes widened and my hand was covering my mouth.


I grabbed it and opened it seeing every photo we took. "When d-did you g-get these?" I stuttered. "Well I printed the photos out and Zayn helped me make the photo album. Those are all your's and Harry's photos. So you like?" She asked and I nodded. "I love it. Thank you so much." I said hugging her.


I saw the photo's of Harry at our date in Paris. The photo's that Mom took when we were making cupcakes. Photo's at the store. "This brings so much memories." I said wiping a tear. "Aww. Your crying." Sam cooed. "Why wouldn't I?" I asked.


"Thank you so much. I actually thought I wasn't going to have any of these pictures cause Harry took my camera with him. I also gave back his promise ring and the aeroplane necklace." I said and Sam gasped. "Why?" She asked. "I didn't want it. It means nothing anymore." I said and she rubbed my back.


I run my finger over the photos. Memories of us flashing back just makes me want to cry.



























A/N: Aaww ! Thank you so much for the hearts and the lovely comments. What will happen next? Leave comments below and I will update soon ! Stay Beautiful :) x

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