Born To Be Somebody -Harry Styles Love Story- Completed

Destiny,Jamie and Sam are normal teenage girls.Or so you may think they are but Destiny and Sam have brothers who are really famous.But at school they are all treated the same which is fine by them. During her journey in London with her friends, they meet the famous British Boy Band. What will happen next?♥
Enjoy the story:)


61. Chapter 57

Destiny's P.O.V


Last night was incredible. It was amazingly fun. The boys performed and I gotta say there was a lot of slime. We all got slimed since we were in the audience so we had to take showers when we got home. Everyone went to the slime fest last night and we got all excited cause Guys Sebastian and Reece Mastin was playing.


Everyone is gone out today. Mom and Grandma are going to get some gardening tools and buy some groceries. The rest are gone out shopping or that's what Sam said. I grabbed my camera and placed it around my neck. I was thinking to go roam around Australia today and take pictures. 

I walked downstairs and there was a knock at the door. "NO ONE'S HOME!" I yelled and made my way to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and grabbed a frozen yoghurt. Yes. I eat frozen yoghurt in the morning.


The knock got louder and I groaned. I put a spoon of yoghurt in my mouth and walked back in the front and opened the door. "Look I-" My eyes widen and I couldn't move. Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the house. He closed the house door and put me in his stinkin' car. 


"Harry, what the fuck?!" I yelled looking at him. He was still focussing on the road. "Great. You came to my grandmother's house, yank me out of the door, put me in your stupid car and you won't explain what the hell is going on! Terrific!" I exclaimed.


I waited for an answer but nothing. I knew for a fact that he won't talk so I scooped a spoonful of yoghurt and stuck it in my mouth. Harry chuckled and I scoffed. "And you laugh! Just great." I sarcastically said.


I put down the window and stuck my head out. "Your the only person I know that eats frozen yoghurt for breakfast." Harry said and I rolled my eyes. "Do you want a clap?" I asked and he rolled his eyes.


Why the fuck is he here?!




"Here we are!" Harry parked the car and put on his sunglasses and his beanie. He walked over to my side and opened my door. "Come on Dest. Get out." He said and I still remain seated not moving an inch. "Fine. I guess I have to do it the hard way." Before I could protest Harry lifted me over his shoulder and he closed the door with his spare hand.


"Harry put me the fuck down!" I yelled hitting him. "Never!" he said and I felt him moving. People were walking past looking at us weirdly. Well I was looking at them weirdly because they were upside down.


"Help! This man is kidnapping me!" I yelled. "She's my girlfriend." Harry said. "Ex-Girlfriend!" I yelled slapping his head. We finally stopped and a big pineapple was into view. "Okay, if I put you down, promise you won't run?" he asked and I nodded quickly.


His butt was right in front of my face since he put me over his shoulder. "Just put me down already. I don't really feel comfortable in the position that I'm in." I said and he laughed. He put me down and I straighten my outfit and making sure my camera is good.


"I have a question." I said. "And what's that?" Harry asked. "Is this where they make Spongebob Squarepants because his house is right in front of me and why is it not underwater?" I asked.


"I'll never understand girls." Harry mumbled and I laughed.


"Come on. Stand in front of the big pineapple." Harry said taking the camera off my neck and turning it on. I sighed and stood in front of the big pineapple and the camera flashed. "Nice. Come on, let's go see other cool stuff." He said and we got back in the car.


"Hey, how did you know I'd be doing this?" I asked. "Sam told me and your mother called me yesterday that I needed to explain myself and stuff. She said you were a mess and she hates it when she see's you broken hearted so I catched a plane last night and I arrived not long ago." Harry said. "How did you know where I stayed?" I asked.


"Like I said Sam told me." Harry said and I smiled.


It was a really hot day and luckily got us ice-creams. We were walking around the market and I bought a map just in case we got lost because we both don't know Australia that well. We took more photos and we got back in the car making our way to the beach.


"What a perfect day." I said smiling. "Not anymore." Harry groaned looking through the rearview mirror. I turned around and saw a paparazzi van following us. "We have to lose these vans. How did they even know I'm here?" Harry asked. I quickly unwrap the map and looked for directions.


"Okay. Take the next left." I said. "Are you sur-"


"Yes!" I said cutting him off. "Okay, now take the next left and the road loops back to the highway...or uhm maybe not." I said. "This isn't even a road anymore, this is a fire break. It has to be." Harry said. I notice there were no green leaves. It looks a meadow.


"The last sign was a kangaroo passing, there are no kangaroo's..passing." Harry complained. "You know, you complain more than my friends." I said rolling my eyes. "Are we on the right road or not?" he asked still driving through the meadow. "Not?" I said more of a question. 


"Just show it to me!" He said grabbing the map. "No keep your eyes on the road, I'm the navigator." I said snatching it back. "Oh is that what you call it." He said. "What's that suppose to mean?" I asked feeling offended. 


"It means your such a know it all."  He said. "A what?" I asked. "A know it all. You're the queen of snap judgements...'Turn here, this is the right road. I'm sure of it.' " He mimicked and I scoffed. "I was sure of it." I yelled putting my hair into a ponytail.


"Since you're so sure, you couldn't possibly be sure about it." He said. "I am not!" I said defending myself. "And your defensive." He said looking at me. "Move the fucking car, were not moving!" I yelled. He hits the car breaks and it won't move. I looked out the window. Great were stuck in a mud puddle.


I put the camera around my neck and climbed out the window. "Here I'll help you." Harry said. "Don't touch me!" I said. I was now on the roof of the car. Harry climbed out the window as well and the car dropped a little which made me fall face first.


"Shit!"  I mumbled walking on the hard bit. "What are you so mad about?" He asked. "Oh I don't know, this?!" I said pointing to my muddy clothes. Shit my camera. I wiped the lens and turned it on to make sure it's working and it did.


I started walking back to where we came from. "Wait, where are you going?" Harry asked. "The beach." I said walking. "Uhm Dest the beach is that way." Harry said and I groaned turning back around and went the opposite way.


"You know turning in here was not my idea!" he said. "Oh so your blaming this on me now?" I snapped. "Your the bad navigator." He said. "Well your a bad driver." I said. "Uhm, I'm a great driver." He said. "Keep thinking that Styles." I said. "What's that suppose to mean?" he asked and I kept walking.


"Managements gonna kill me." Harry groaned. "Hopefully" I said in a cheerful way. "Hey!" Harry yelled. "We are in big trouble. That was managements car." Harry said. "When you say we, don't you mean you as in you." I said and pointing at him and he rolled his eyes. "You and I are both in this shit." He said.




"Hey, how you doing are you okay?" He asked. "Now your concerned?" I asked. "I've always been concerned." He said. "Well maybe you should stop." I said walking faster. "Why are you so grumpy?" he asked. "I am not grumpy, cranky, or crabby. I just want to go home." I said. "You know what? I want to have fun. For the first time in years there's no reporters, no interviewers and there are no crowds. So can you stop complaining so I can enjoy it." He said and walked away.


"Oh so that's what it's like for you? You don't get what you want so you throw a big old tantrum and walk away? Your the one who got me in your shit. If you didn't come by my grandmother's house and yank me out the door this wouldn't happen and I would be having a great time roaming around the cities by myself. What an idiot." I said walking again.


Harry turned around and walking back to me. "I'm an idiot? What about you huh?" He asked. "Me?" I asked in disbelief. "Yeah, in the last past months I have done nothing but thinking about you." He said.


"Oh so when you break my heart, come back and yank me outside of the house and you were just being thoughtful?" I asked shaking my head. I walked past him and we were now under the trees still walking.


"You know I'm confused about something." He said running after me. "What?" I asked. "When we were on our photography tour you said you were my Ex-Girlfriend." He said. "That's because I am." I said. "But we haven't even ended things yet though. There's something I need to tell you." He said.


Harry was walking backwards and I could see a lake. I grinned to myself. "What?" I asked. "What you-AAHHH!" Harry yelled falling into the lake. I was in a fit of laughter now. Harry pulled me down and I was now in the lake with him.




"This is nice isn't it." I said enjoying the nice view. We've been sitting here for like hours now and our clothes are wet. Luckily I didn't wet my camera. I just used Harry's shirt to clean it properly. 


"I wish I could stay here forever and no one could find me." Harry said. "Why?" I asked. "Because they all want something from the boys and I. Performance, Interviews, photographs..." Harry shrugged.


"Even you're manager?''I asked. "That's complicated. Well sometimes he only cares about the business of One Direction and he's probably doing this so he could get more money." Harry said. "I'm sure that's not true." I said. There something's I did not know about the famous life. I guess being a celebrity is not a good idea.


"I don't know. I feel like all we talk about is tour and the movie that were going to be making so.." Harry said. "Well, what do you think?" I asked. "I'm thinking we'll have to make the movie." He said. "Then what about your next tour?" I asked. "What about it?" I asked. "Well, 37 countries. More than 9 months. Billion screaming fans. I'm not an expert or anything but it seems like a lot. The tour and the movie at the same time." I said. 


"I don't have a choice." he said. "Harry, everyone has a choice. What do you want to do?" I asked. "I know what I don't want to do. I don't want to disappoint anybody especially our fans. The boys and I wouldn't be where are without I never say no." He said.  Wow. I never thought a guy like Harry could be a down to earth guy.


"Mm..maybe I don't understand." I said out of the blue. "What?" Harry asked looking at me. "Your life. I mean, it's so different from mine. Everything you do and say in public.." I trailed off. "Not everything. Right now, here with you ..I feel like I could be myself again. Not Harry Styles. Not Famous. Just me. I miss this." He said. 


"What?" I asked. "Us. I'm sorry you thought I cheated on you. Management thought it was a good idea getting Taylor Swift to date me. I told the boys though. No one was suppose to know but I had to tell you and the lads." He said and I nodded. "That's okay. Unless I know your not cheating on me. I'm sorry I didn't trust you." I said and Harry pulled me back in a hug. He pecked my lips and I laughed. 


I stood up and pulled him up too. "We should go." I said. "Okay." We started walking to the beach. 




"We made it." I said walking on the sand. "Yeah. I had an amazing time today. It actually went pretty well." He said and I nodded. "I'm glad I met the prettiest girl in the world. Although your a bad navigator but I think it's cute." He said and I pushed him lightly.


"I'd always thought you were different." He said and I looked at him. "Different-weird, different-annoying?" I asked. "Different-surprising. In the best way. I mean, you say things to me that everyone is afraid to say, and you make me see things about myself that I don't see." He said. We kept walking on the sand.


"Well I've been dating you for months and I think your surprising too." I said. "Really? How?" He asked. "Well first things first you are terrible driver and I blame myself for not knowing in the first place.."



"Oh" Was all he said. "Which I think is strange for a guy who changes cars every week." I said. "Well, I'm wounded." He said his hand over his heart which made me laugh. "Well, I think your amazing." He said. "Your amazing too." I said and we both leaned in until Harry heard people walking. He quickly put his beanie back on and I laughed at him.


"What are you doing?" I asked. "Wooah! That was close. Okay back to the real world. You don't have the snaps right?" Harry asked. "No" I said. "Okay, you can't tell anyone about what happened today. Management will be suspicious." He said.  "Okay?" I said. "Look, if we go down there and get photographed together, it'll get crazy and management won't let us do the movie which our fans excited to see." He said. 


"Why does it have to get crazy?" I asked. "Because I'm Harry Styles. You're just an ordinary girl." He said and my smile faded. "I have to go now." I said walking past him. "Wait, Dest. W-w-wait. What just happened?" He asked spinning me around. "You tell me. One second I'm amazing and next you're embarrassed to be seen with me?" I said. "Dest, I'm not embarrassed." He said. "Oh really? If I was Taylor Swift you'd rush right down there and make sure somebody took our picture. But no I'm just an ordinary girl." I said the tears threatening to fall. 


"That is not what I meant. Look, I meant your normal and I want you to stay that way." He said. "Righ. Just leave me alone." I said walking off. "Dest, wait." He called out. "What?" I snapped. "The pictures you took. Of us, I should probably keep them." He said. "You want my camera?" I asked in disbelief.


"Just in case, you know. The pictures get out." He said. "Fine. You want my pictures? Here. There's nothing I want to remember anyway." I said throwing the camera at him.  I walked away trying not to cry. "Dest, wait. I don't want to say goodbye like this." I heard Harry say. I turned around and looked at him.


"Okay how about this. Forget this whole day ever happened or forget this whole relationship ever happened. You won't talk about me and I promise I won't talk about you." I said a tear sliding down my cheek. 


"Go ahead and judge me okay, but you don't know what it'll be like. The paparazzi never go away and once they have you in their sight they won't quit until they get what they want. And when they finally get it, they'll turn it into something ugly. Their ruin everything." He said. 


"They don't have already did." I said turning around and walked away. People came into view and I grabbed my phone and started dialling Sam's cell. I leaned onto a palm tree and I heard a girls screaming. I turned around slowly and believe it or not Harry was surrounded by fans. 


Tears slipped down my cheeks. Sam said she was on her way. I hung up the phone and soon I saw Sam driving in. I quickly wipe the tears away and I got in the car with her. 


I took one last glance at Harry who's signing autographs and taking photo's with his fans. He saw me looking and I quickly looked away and Sam backed the car away.


"Are you okay babe?" Sam asked. I shook my head. "Just forget about him okay?" She said. "It's hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember." I said with honesty. "I tried to forget him but the harder I try the more I think about him." I said. "Dest, if he loves you dearly, nothing's gonna keep him away. Everything will be okay. Trust me okay?" Sam said and I nodded hugging her. Although she's driving.


"Thanks." I said. "No problem." She smiled.



















A/N: Da Da Dunn ! Wow ! And I'm sure you guys thought the drama would be over but no! It got worse! What do you guys think is going to happen next? Please leave comments below and I will update soon! Thank you so much for the hearts and favourites. Please tell me if your enjoying this story or not! I would love feedback ! Love you guys and Stay Beautiful :) x




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