Born To Be Somebody -Harry Styles Love Story- Completed

Destiny,Jamie and Sam are normal teenage girls.Or so you may think they are but Destiny and Sam have brothers who are really famous.But at school they are all treated the same which is fine by them. During her journey in London with her friends, they meet the famous British Boy Band. What will happen next?♥
Enjoy the story:)


58. Chapter 54

Louis' P.O.V

"Mate, how come you didn't tell us you and Dest are over?" I asked joining Harry on the other couch. All the other boys draw their attention to me and Harry now probably curious about the exact same thing.

Harry didn't say a word. He just stood up and walked out the door. I furrowed my eyebrows and turned to the guys. "Di-Did I say something bad?" I asked and they shook their heads. "I'll go after him." Zayn said grabbing his jacket and ran out the door.

"What do you think is wrong with him?" I asked. "I don't know." Niall shrugged. "None of us knows." Liam said staring ahead. "We'll just have to wait till they come back." Liam said. "But I'm still confused about one thing though." Niall said eating his sandwich. "And what's that?" I asked him. He placed his sandwich down on the plate and faced Liam and I. 

"If Destiny and Harry broke up not long ago, he can't just jump into a relationship with Taylor. That's just not Harry." Niall said and I had the same thing in my head too.

"Your right. Destiny and Harry love each other. Harry can't even go anywhere unless he gets a call from Dest." I said grabbing my phone. "When I see him with Taylor he doesn't look very happy. It's like he's hiding something from us." Niall said continuing eating his sandwich.

"But Harry won't ever hide anything from us. Unless he's not allowed to." Liam said. Niall and I looked at him confused. "What do you mean?" Niall asked.

"What if he was forced to date Taylor Swift and he's not allowed to tell us." Liam said and I nodded slowly. "So you think management could have something to do with this?" I asked and Liam nodded. 

"But management tells us everything. He would tell us if it was a fake relationship. Maybe something happened between Destiny and Harry while he was in Minnesota. Maybe that's why he came here early than expected." Niall said.

"Yeah, your probably right." I said slipping my phone back into my pocket. "We'll just wait till they come back." Liam said.


Destiny's P.O.V

"Woohoo! This is so fun. Dest come on!" Jamie called out. I smiled and shook my head. We were at a midnight carnival to celebrate Carlos' deflilated birthday. Everyone decided to go on different rides.

"I'll just go get some cotton candy." I said and walked up to the man selling cotton candy. "Hello. How many cotton candy would 'cha like?" the happy man smiled. "Just one thanks." I said and he nodded. "Would you like to make your own?" he asked and I nodded. He handed me a stick and I placed it in the cotton machine. 

I pulled it out and it looked like a massive pillow. "Woah! You got a big cloud right there!" The man laughed and took some that was stuck on my hand and popped it in my mouth making the man chuckle. I quickly paid the man and walked to fin the others.

I got my phone out and decided to call Harry. He hasn't called or messaged me ever since I saw the news two days ago. His phone rang a few times until someone answered. "Hello?" I asked. "Hey Dest. How's it going?" Zayn asked. "Uhmm..everything's going great. Where's Harry?" I asked wondering why Zayn is answering Harry's phone.

"Uhm...he-he got mad at Louis this morning and ran out the door and now I'm looking for him. I tried calling his phone but I found it in his car, so I guess he walked off somewhere." He said. "When you find him...can you tell him that I called please." I said. "Yeah, sure." He said. "Thanks Zayn." "No problem."

"Bye." I hang up the phone and made my way to the bumpy cars where the boys were ganging up on my mom. Grandma is with Sam at home. Sam didn't feel well so she stayed home.

Everyone came out and Kendall pulled me with him. "Ouch! Kendall!" I called out and he lead us to a photo booth. We jumped inside and took some crazy photos. Kendall ate half of my cotton candy. We got out and look at the pictures and couldn't stop laughing.

We came past a a group of girls and a blonde was staring at Kendall. "Kendall you have an audience." I said wriggling my eyebrows at him and he turned around seeing the girls looking at him. He smiled and waved. I rolled my eyes and kept walking. 

"They totally dig you." I said. "Psht. I bet they were looking at that hole on your shorts." He said and my eyes grew wide. "What?!" I yelled looking behind to find the whole on my shorts. "Made you look." Kendall said. "Ugh! I'm gonna kill you!" I said chasing him around.


"Hey are you okay?" I asked. Sam nodded. "Hear have some soup." I said handing her the bowl of warm soup. She took a spoon full of it and her eyes grew wide. 

"Wh-What's wrong? Is it bad?" I asked and she shook her head. She swallowed and looked up at me. "This is sooo soooo delicious! Did you make this?" She asked and I nodded. "It's not my recipe though. It's Harry's. He made this soup in Minnesota and my mom asked for the recipe." I smiled. "No way." She said looking at me. "Yes way. He's not just a popstar. He's a chef too." I said and Sam laughed. 

My phone rang and I answered it. To my surprise it was Harry. 

"Hey." he said. "Hi. Are you okay?" I asked. "Yeah I'm fine. I miss you." he said. "Can I ask you a question?" I asked. "Go ahead." he said. "Promise your going to tell the truth?" I asked. "I promise." he said. I took a deep breath. "Okay..uhmm..Are you cheating on me?" I asked slowly. 

"What? No!" He protested. "What makes you ask that?" He asked. "I saw you on the news and there were photos of you and Taylor. You two were spotted in New York and London you didn't tell me you were gone to New York. Why are you lying to me, Harry." I said almost crying.

"I'M NOT LYING!" Harry yelled through the phone. "Then why aren't you telling me what happened?" I cried. "I told you to don't believe anything the media says. Their all rumor-"

"NOT ALL OF THEM, HARRY!" I cut him off. "You know what? I don't think we should be together-"

"No! I don't want to lose you." He cried. "Then just tell me the truth. You promise you would tell me." I said. "I-I can't." He stuttered. "Why not?" I asked. "I-I just can't-"

"Goodbye Harry." I said and turned off my phone. "Are you okay Dest?" Sam asked and I nodded slowly. "Come here." She said. I jumped in her bed and watched TV. "So are you guys officially over?" She asked and I shook my head. "I just said bye hoping that he would tell me." I said and she nodded.

Why does life have to be so complicated...













A/N: Hey guys! Sorry for not updating! It's holidays here in New Zealand and I didn't have time to update because I had course. The good news is...I got my internet back so yay! I get to update at home. I hope you guys enjoyed the chapter! Don't forget to leave comments below and hopefully I'll update soon! Love you! Stay Beautiful :) x 

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