Born To Be Somebody -Harry Styles Love Story- Completed

Destiny,Jamie and Sam are normal teenage girls.Or so you may think they are but Destiny and Sam have brothers who are really famous.But at school they are all treated the same which is fine by them. During her journey in London with her friends, they meet the famous British Boy Band. What will happen next?♥
Enjoy the story:)


57. Chapter 53

Destiny's P.O.V

Mom and I walked down the hallway, me pushing the trolley at the same time. We reached the end of the hallway and we saw people sitting down waiting for their families to come out. "Soooo do we catch a cab or is someone going to pick us up?" I asked.


"One of the boys should be here." Mom said and I looked around to see if I can spot one of the boys. I pushed the trolley out of the airport and made our way to the car park area. I got out my phone and called Kendall.


"Hello? Were just arrived. Where are you?" I asked Kendall. "Look for a black car in the car park area. Were next to a grey Holden car." He said and I looked around and I spotted the car. "Can you wave so I know I found the right car." I said and I was still looking at the car. Soo I saw a hand waving from the back door. I laughed and pushed the trolley.


Mom followed me and I turned off my phone. We finally made it to the car and I knocked on the window. Carlos' head appeared from the back making my mom jump. Kendall got out of the car and helped me with our luggage. "Hey Mom." Kendall said hugging mom. "Hey son. I missed you. I missed all of you." Mom said hugging Kendall. I hugged Carlos and closed the boot. I hugged Kendall and he walked in the drivers seat and I was sitting at the back with Carlos. 


"Where's the rest of the boys?" I asked. "They're in the hotel." Carlos said and I nodded. "How was tour?" I asked. "It was fun." Kendall said keeping his eyes on the road. "Yeah and the Mexican food was nice." Carlos said making me laugh.


We finally arrived at the hotel and lucky no one was outside. The boys helped me carry our luggage and we walked through the lobby and into the elevator.


"What are the other boys doing?" Mom asked. "We don't know. They were doing something but I don't know what they're up to." Kendall said. "Who knows. The hotel suite is probably messy already." I said. 


The elevator doors opened and we all walked out Kendall leading the way to their suite. He knocked on the door and James appeared near the door smiling. "HEEY!" he yelled. Mom laughed hugging him. "DEST!" he yelled again hugging me this time. I giggled and walked into the room seeing Logan sitting on the sofa. 


I hugged him and sat down as well. "Did I hear Destiny?" I heard a girly voice asked and I turned my head to see me two idiotic best friends standing next to the kitchen.


"AAHHHH!" I screamed running up to hug them. I heard everyone laughing. "When did you guys get here?" I asked. "We got here last night. We wanted to surprise you." Sam said and I hugged them again. "I missed having my two idiotic, crazy best friends with me." I said and they both laughed.


We all sat down in the living room talking. "So uhm do we have to stay in the hotel? Cause I want to go stay at grandma's." I said. "If it's okay with mom." Kendall said. I looked at mom and she nodded. 


"Of course. Grandma doesn't know we're here." Mom said and I nodded. "Yeah. So I want to stay at grandma's for the whole trip. I'm not used to staying in hotels." I said and the boys nodded. 


"Do you guys wanna come stay with me at grandma's?" I asked the girls and they nodded. "I missed her delicious home made pies." Sam said rubbing her tummy. I rolled my eyes and we all got out of the room. Kendall and James were carrying our luggages down the elevator. Luckily it's' not heavy.



We arrived in front of Grandma's house and my mother gasped when she saw grandma on the ladder. She quickly got out of the car and ran towards grandma. "Mom be careful." She said holding onto her hand bringing her down the ladder slowly.


We all got out of the van and I grabbed my bags and the girls grabbed theirs as well. "Oh What a surprise to see you honey. I wasn't expecting you guys." Grandma said hugging mom. 


"You could fall down and break a hip." Mom said. "Calm down I'm okay." Grandma said. "Grandma!" I said running up to hug her. "Destiny! I'm so happy to see you." She said. "I missed you soo much." I hugged her again. "Hello kids. Long time no see." Grandma said hugging everyone. Grandma met everybody when Kendall became famous. "Hey Grandma." Kendall said going in for a hug. "Oh how's my little boy. You kids have grown so fast." Grandma said pinching Kendall's cheeks making the boys laugh.


"Come on inside guys." Grandma said leading us into her house. She's been living in here for 3 years now. Everyone was sitting in the living and Grandma was showing me where my room was and to my surprise the girls and I share a room. It was pretty huge. It had three beds in there and there a TV and a computer in there and it also had a spinning bed in the middle.


"You girls can sleep here." Grandma said and the girls mouth fell open. Our house is huge but it doesn't have beds like these. I put my bag on my bed and Jamie and Sam put their bags on their bed. "This is humongous. I don't think I can ever get used to this." Sam said and Jamie and I nodded.


"Well, who wants some fresh baked pies." Grandma said and Sam raised her hand up. We all started laughing. "Well hurry along."

We followed grandma downstairs and into the kitchen. It smells so good.



The boys left not long ago. We were in our rooms watching TV but there is nothing good on. Sam kept switching the channel and she stopped right on E News! Sam and Jamie loves watching E News! They're obsessed with what the celebrities are up to and who they go out with. It's just so weird. I don't really like watching unless it's something that I'm interested in.


"Terrence, it's Friday. You know what I feel like it's time for some romance." Guiliana said. "Oh wow. Can we get the lighting to throw down the wanna put on some music like Keith Sweat?" Terrence asked making ma laugh.


Jamie walked in with a bowl full of popcorn. "Oh my god. I used to like Keith Sweat but not since 1994 not heard it since then but you know what?...I do like T. Swift. Was that close enough and apparently so does Harry Styles." She said looking at the camera and at the mention of his name caught my attention.


"Yes! One Direction's Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have not yet publicly commented on their relationship, but privately, Styles has been calling Swift his 'Girlfriend.'" Terrence said and my heart was torn apart. I could feel the girls eyes on me but I did not make a move.


"Mhm. A friend of One Direction has confirmed that Styles and Swift's relationship is exclusive. The couple nicknames 'Haylor' began openly dating a few weeks ago and have been seen kissing and being affectionate with each other in Los Angeles, New York City and London. When Styles and Swift were in New York City, they had sleepover dates at her hotel and didn't try to hide these sleepovers from paparazzi and fans who were waiting outside the hotel. One Direction and Swift both travel by private jet, but since Styles has been dating Swift, he prefers to travel with her when he can." Guilianna said and a tear rolled down my cheek.


"We got some romance going on. Haylor..I kinda like that name. Fancy." Terrence said. "We'll be right back." The TV went to commercial. Sam turned off the TV but I was still staring at it. I don't know what to think. Is this real? Is this why he didn't want me to read any magazines or watch any news? Is he actually cheating on me?


"Dest?" Sam asked. I stood up and walked outside the doors. Running down the stairs not caring if I fall. "Dest, wait up!" I heard the girls running down the stairs. The tears were building up and I couldn't see I'm going. "Sweetie are you okay?" Grandma called out but I just ran out the door. 


I don't even know where I'm going. I ran as fast as I could until my feet were hurting. I could here the girls calling my name. I could hear the waves crashing against each other. I'm probably close to the beach. I kept walking until stepped on the sand. 


I couldn't hold the tears anymore. I let them all out and I just sat on a rock near the shore. There are so many questions running through my mind. I saw the pictures they showed and they looked real. What if they are dating. What if Harry was just playing me? What if everything we did wasn't real? I mean the first time I thought he was cheating on me with his best friend. What if it was all a lie? I wiped away my tears and I took off my shoes walking along the shore.


"Dest." I turned around and saw my two best friends running towards me trying to catch their breaths. "You ran too fast." Sam said making me smile. "Are you okay?" Jamie asked hugging me. I nodded slowly. "Look, don't believe everything you see or read. People just want to get your attention and they want to ruin things for everyone. The media spreads rumors about things that people would be interested in. People would spend their money on buying magazine just to read a little gossip on there but at the end of the don't get anything from it. You just get angry and make a fool of yourself and just waste your tears on something so stupid. Your crying and the media is earning money everyday just from that little story they made up. All I'm saying is don't believe them. I don't think Harry would ever do that to you. You can just call him up and question him." Sam said.


"Yeah. Sam's right. I don't think Harry would ever do that. We've seen you too make out and are meant for each other. Don't let one stupid gossip ruin your relationship. It's not worth it." Jamie said. I hugged both of them.


"I never knew you guys had it in you. Especially you Sam." I said and Sam hit me in the arm. "I can be deep at times." She said. We walked along the beach side.


Maybe my friends are right. Maybe it's just some silly gossip and the media is just trying to get money. 















A/N: What do you guys think? Are her friends right or not? Please leave comments below and I will update soon! Stay Beautiful :) x

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