Born To Be Somebody -Harry Styles Love Story- Completed

Destiny,Jamie and Sam are normal teenage girls.Or so you may think they are but Destiny and Sam have brothers who are really famous.But at school they are all treated the same which is fine by them. During her journey in London with her friends, they meet the famous British Boy Band. What will happen next?♥
Enjoy the story:)


7. Chapter 4

Airport---------------------->>>>>Heathrow Airport,London

Kendall's P.O.V

We were at home watching movies and just spending time with my mum.

Her plane leaves at 4:30 and it's 2:20 so we better head off to London airport.

"Mum we have to leave now."I said getting her bags in the car and the boys came to help.

We're all going to the airport to drop her off.

We arrived in the airport and the girls went and played on the escalators.

The guys went to buy some candies to eat while we wait.

We were just talking and goofing around.

A few minutes later it was time for my mum to leave.

We all stood up and we said our goodbyes. I walked over to mom and hugged her.

"I'm gonna miss you mom."I said

"I'm gonna miss you too, honey."She said rubbing my back.

Destiny walked over to her and hugged her really tight. I don't know if my mom could breathe but it's worth it.

"I'm going to miss you mom."She cried.

"I'm going to miss my two adorable children very much."She said hugging both of us.

Destiny was crying her eyes out. We were both close to our mum but I think Destiny was closer to her.

"Okay..Sweety I don't wanna miss my flight..Okay don't worry I'll be back before you know it, okay?"She said calming Destiny down.

We hugged one more time."Take care of each other while I'm gone..Okay?"She said before walking through the closed doors.

We all waved at her."CALL US WHEN YOU GET BACK!"Destiny screamed. She nodded and waved.

Everyone stared at Destiny but she didn't even care.

When we left the airport.

The girls are going to a concert tonight so it was only me and the boys at home.



Destiny's P.O.V

We just left the airport. I miss my mom already.

I was just listening to my brother's song in the car while we were heading home.

Were going to drop the boys off at home and get ready for the concert.


When we arrived home the boys ran in and settle down in the living room watching TV. The girls and I headed upstairs to get dressed.


I took a quick shower and changed into this:

Hair and Make-up:

Sam's Outfit:

Hair and Make-Up:

Jamie's Outfit:

Hair and Make-Up:

When we got dressed we walked down to the living room.

"Sam do you have our rescue bag?"I asked and she nodded.

Our rescue bag has all different types of clothing and accessories.

"Okay. Guys were leaving."I said hugging them.

"Have fun tonight. But not too much fun okay."James said making us laugh.

"Why would there be too much fun when it's just a concert. It's not like it's a party."I said. The girls nodded in agreement.

"Yeah well it could happen."He said turning to the TV again.

Kendall came towards me and we hugged.

"Be careful on the road okay?"He said 

"I'm always careful."I said."Yeah yeah whatever."He said.

We walked out the door and headed towards the car.

We were going to Nando's to meet up with Mr Brant for our tickets.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>10 Minutes Later>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

We were sitting in Nando's waiting for Mr Brant. Sam decided to call him to see if he was actually coming.

She put the phone call on loud speaker.

"Hello?"He answered.

"Sir...When are you coming we have been sitting here for like 2 hours now."She whined.

"Uh..actually we've only been here for about like 10 minutes or something like that."I whispered to her and she just told me to shut up.

"Don't worry I'm around the corner and now I'm in."'He said.

We looked at the door and there he was smiling at us.

He walked over to us and we drank some drinks.

"Okay..I'm going to give you the tickets now."He said reaching for his pocket.

The girls squealed jumping up and down on their seats.

He handed us the tickets and I saw big letters written on it. ONE DIRECTION

The girls squealed more and they sounded like a mother hyena giving birth.

"OMG finally I get to see them live."Jamie said

"Thank you sooo much Mr Brant."Sam said hugging him.

"I was expecting someone more exciting like Maroon 5 or The Wanted."I said not really feeling too excited.

But anyways unless I get to hear their music and decide if I like them or not.

"C'mon Destiny it's going to be fun."Jamie said and I nodded.

"Girls you should head there right now before you walk in late and get the bad seats."He said. We all nodded and thanked him again.











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