Born To Be Somebody -Harry Styles Love Story- Completed

Destiny,Jamie and Sam are normal teenage girls.Or so you may think they are but Destiny and Sam have brothers who are really famous.But at school they are all treated the same which is fine by them. During her journey in London with her friends, they meet the famous British Boy Band. What will happen next?♥
Enjoy the story:)


39. Chapter 36

Destiny's P.O.V

We finally arrived behind of the big building and I heard the boys singing from outside. I shivered hearing Harry's voice through the microphone. We all got out and Dave lead us through the back door. We walked past a few rooms and then we came across the dressing room.


I saw Lou playing on her phone and Lux asleep on the couch. She saw us and she smiled. "Well hello there. What took you girls so long?" She asked. "Traffic." I said and she nodded. 


We met Lou on our first One Direction concert when we went backstage. She was holding Lux trying to make her sleep. "I'll just do you're hair and then you three are ready to go." She said and we nodded. 


She did Sam's hair first and then Jamie, then me. When she finally finished we heard Louis talking and then Dave came in and took us near the stage. He lead us to the side and we now could see the boys on stage all dressed up nice. 


I smiled seeing Harry looking at the crowd waving at some of the fans. He doesn't know were here. I saw Louis smiling towards us. "Okay so...the boys and I...well Liam, Zayn, Niall and I came up with a plan. You all know I didn't mention Harry's name. Well that's because he was taking his beauty sleep." Louis said making the crowd laugh.


"I LOVE YOU LOUIS!" A girl from the crowd shouted. "I love you too." he said making me laugh. "Where was I..oh yeah. So we came up with a plan and we brang a few One Direction fans from London. These three girls are all best friends and they loved us and wanted to come to one of our concerts but couldn't get any the Zayn, Liam, Niall and I sent them plane tickets to come see us live." He said and the crowed screamed louder. 


"In fact...In fact...Harry knows the other one pretty well" Louis continued and Harry looked at him confused. 


"Girls come up here." Louis called out and Dave guided us on stage. The screams got louder and Harry's face dropped. I ran towards him and he engulfed me into a tight hug.


"I missed you so much." he whispered. I giggled. "I missed you too..a lot." I said. He was still hugging me tight never wanting to let go. "I really wanna kiss you right now." he said making me laugh. No one could hear what he was saying because the fans were still screaming and some were crying. 


I let go off him and ran to hug the other lads. Then a video came up which means the lads has to get change. We all went back stage with them and Harry not wasting time connected our lips together and the boys were making weird sounds.


Harry pulled away and pecked my forehead. Dave came and lead us back to the side of the stage where we could see the boys. The boys ran back on stage and they sang and Harry was talking through the microphone.


"This next song is dedicated to the girls that was on stage earlier." He looked to our side and winked making me blush. Luckily it was a bit dark so no one could see me blushing. The only lights that were on were the ones on stage.


The song started playing and Harry started singing. "Sneaks out in the middle of the night, yeah. Tight dress with a top cut low. She's addicted to the feeling of letting go..oh oh..letting go.."


I smiled and blew him a kiss. He pretends to catch it and walks on the other side of the stage. Louis was singing next and I couldn't help but sing with them. 


The girls were jumping up and down with me singing along. When Zayn was singing Sam screamed out 'I love you Zayn'. Zayn smiled and walked down and grabbed her hand. Liam came and grabbed Jamie's hand and Harry did the same while Louis and Niall were grabbing two girls from the crowd.


Harry sang the other lines while pulling me in the middle of the stage. "What about all the things we say. Talking on the phone so late. I can't let her get away from meeeee...ooohhhh." he sang twirling me around.


"When I say that I can't do it no more.." Zayn sang and Harry brang me closer to him making eye contact with him. I could feel him breathing heavy our noses brushing each other.


The lights shone to us and the screaming erupted again making me giggle and Harry smiling his dimply smile.


"She's back at my doooorr.."Zayn sang and Niall laughing at the background making me chuckle and Harry pecked my cheek. "I LOVE YOU HARRY!" A girl screamed and Harry laughed.


"She's not afraid of all the attention..." the boys sang the chorus again and Harry and I jumped around the stage. He didn't even let my hand go. I never wanna let him go either.


The song finally ended and Harry hugged me again. "You and this." he whispered and I nodded. All of us walked off stage and back to our spot.


The concert continued on and then the boys ended with 'What Makes You Beautiful'.


The concert was finished and the fans were making their way out. Dave lead us back stage and we saw the boys in the dressing room.


Harry was shirtless his hair wet from all the sweat. I grabbed a bottle of water and handed it to him. He grabbed my hand and lead me towards the couch. He pulled me on top of him and I don't wanna argue with him so I sat down on his lap.


"Thanks guys." Harry said to the boys. "Hey no problem mate. We just wanted to make you smile again. Glad we helped." Louis said and the boys nodded. "I don't know what I'd do without you lads." Harry said. "Aww..this is a cute brotherly moment." Jamie said making us laugh.


Lou and Lux went home because Lux wanted Mc Donald's so Tom came and pick them up. "I'll go take a shower and then I'll stop by your hotel to pick you up for our date." Harry said.


I got off of him and pulled him up. We walked out to see Paul with the tour bus. "I'll see you later okay?" Harry said pecking my lips. I nodded and got into the white van. The girls got in too. Dave was taking us to our hotel and I have to get ready for my special date with Harry in the 'City Of Love'.












A/N: Aaawww! Darry Moments are the best. There will be more Darry moments on the way so stay tuned! Comment below and heart this story please ! Stay Beautiful :) x

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