Born To Be Somebody -Harry Styles Love Story- Completed

Destiny,Jamie and Sam are normal teenage girls.Or so you may think they are but Destiny and Sam have brothers who are really famous.But at school they are all treated the same which is fine by them. During her journey in London with her friends, they meet the famous British Boy Band. What will happen next?♥
Enjoy the story:)


29. Chapter 26

Harry's P.O.V

I walked towards the elevator putting on my jacket. It was a bit cold here in L.A so I didn't wanna go outside only in my shirt. I pressed the button and the elevator doors closed.

Niall is watching a movie in the room and the other boys are in their rooms. When the elevator dinged the doors slide open and I walked out to the lobby. There was a man standing behind the desk in his bright uniform. 

I smiled and said a quick hello on my way out. I saw the car waiting for me outside so I got in and we drove off. "It so good to see you again." she said. I smiled and hugged her.

"It feels like it's been a long time I hadn't seen you, well only on TV and Magazines and stuff." she said making me chuckle. "Well now that I'm here, what did I miss?" I asked.

"Well, I just came back from my vacation in Hawaii and it was like paradise. I love it there but I had to get to back to work. Mom's got a new job.." she said and I looked at her.

"She's a hairdresser." she finished. I smiled. "Would you think she could trim my curls a bit?" I joke making her laugh. "Oh and Dad still has his old job." She said. "Wow haven't you been busy." I said and she nodded.

"What about you? What have you been up to?" She asked raising her eyebrows. "You know the usual. Signings, Singing, Meet and Greets." I said looking at her and she gave me the look that said 'Bullshit!' 

I rolled my eyes. "Okay so I have a girlfriend and she is the most amazing person in the world."I said smiling. She looked at me wide eyes. "Oh My Gosh I'm so happy for you." she said attacking me into a hug.

"Can I see a photo of her?" She asked. I grabbed my phone and showed her my wallpaper. She snatched my phone out of my hands and looking at it. "Styles you are so lucky. She's so pretty. I think she's the one for you. You two look so darn cute together." she said swiping my phone. She's probably looking at my gallery.

"You know if I was a dude, I'll probably steal her from you." she said making me laugh. "I'm afraid that won't happen." I said poking tongues at her. She handed me my phone and I glance at my wallpaper one more time and slipped it in my pocket.

I looked out the window taking in the colourful lights on the streets. The buildings and the trees around us. People walking around still shopping at night. It's just so beautiful. I could feel her eyes on me from the back of my head. I turned around to see her smiling.

"What are you smiling about?" I asked. "I could tell you both are lucky to have each other. I wanna meet her someday." She said I grinned. "So when is it you're gonna get a boyfriend?" I asked her. "I'd have to wait for the right one to come." she said making me smile at her.

"I missed you." I hugged her. "I missed you too." she said. 

A few minutes later we finally arrived in the big building in front of us. The man opened the door and I got out. I grabbed her hand and got out as well. We walked into a dark room and through a bright hallway. I saw girls in a room fixing dresses and handing the girls their pair of shoes. We came past a man who was taking calls from people around here. 

These people are busy. Many people running from here to there. We walked into another room and I saw her family in there. They all turned around and saw me and they all smiled."Harry, it's so nice to see you again." Mr Stewart came and hugged me. I smiled. 

"It's nice to see you too." I said sitting down on the couch. "Okay. I need to go get changed before the show starts." she said. I nodded and she waved while walking out the door.













A/N: So who do you think that girl is? Please comments below of what you think. Stay Beautiful :) x 

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